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Artist : Tipper's Gore
Album : Tipper's Gore LP
Source : LP
Year : 2007
Genre : Hardcore
Label : Flat Black Records
ID : FBR005

Encoder : J River Media Center 12.0.259
Codec : lame 3.97 -V 0 --vbr-new
Quality : VBR, average 299kbps, joint stereo

ID3-Tag : Yes, Version 1 & 2.3

01 (1:18) Snapped In Half
02 (1:01) Another Day
03 (1:40) Closed Your Mind
04 (0:27) Decompression
05 (1:05) Hard To Accept
06 (1:27) False Pretenses
07 (1:30) Up To Me
08 (1:13) No Need
09 (1:06) Worth The Cost
10 (0:59) Internal Battle
11 (0:45) Preaching Ignorance
12 (2:02) Upper Hand

Playing Time : 14:33
Total Size : 31,2 MB

mp3 VO - TGTGL27H.rar

Debut lp by TIPPERS GORE. Great old school, pissed off hardcore from Huntington Beach, CA. Really fast and raw with a lot of energy. If you're into Mystic Records type shit you'll like this alot. Great artwork and layout as well, nice quality. California style all the way with tons of anger. (Sorry State)

This raging California HC band is back with a full-length's worth of their catchy west coast schtick. You knew and loved their first EP, and this is even better (No Way Out)

TG from OC play ripping old school hardcore punk, Ive seen them tear it up live a few times. check this out and their killer ep as well. (Tankcrimes)

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Socialcide - 2007 - Sick Of The Pressure EP-frontSocialcide - 2007 - Sick Of The Pressure EP-back

Artist: Socialcide
Album: Sick Of The Pressure EP
Genre : Hardcore
Year : 2007
Grabber : J River Media Center v.12.0.259
Encoder : lame 3.97
Quality : VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Songs : 07
Playtime : 07:20 min
Company : Even Worse Records
Size : 15,4 MB
Streetdate : May-2007
Url : http://www.myspace.com/socialcide
Type : EP
Source : Vinyl
Language : English
Catalognr : EWR#12

Included : Info-File (NFO)
Check File (SFV)
Playlist (M3U)

01 (0:54) No End
02 (0:36) Another Headache
03 (1:58) Your Lost Cause
04 (0:31) Morning Disater
05 (1:08) Sick Of The Pleasure
06 (1:08) World Of Hate
07 (1:01) Jump Up

Playing Time : 7:16
Total Size : 15,3 MB

mp3 VO - SSotPE27H.rar

fuck yeah,took somewhat time to convince these guys this "cassete demo"release had to be thrown onto vinyl wax,but it gawd dawn rules ass!!
somewhat of the best shit i heard in awhile,and with a little cleaner sound,7 balls out blasted highly original early 80´s hc songs,that sound like no one for a change,just highly energetic,talented stuff that doesnt let up.
take the energy of early d.c. with the frantics and speed of early f.o.d.maybe.

This is Socialcide's demo pressed to vinyl by Even Worse Records from the Netherlands. Socialcide are from Virginia Beach, VA and play fast and totally snotty with great, youthful vocals (Zack is one of the best new vocalists I've heard in a long time). Includes a cover of "Jump Up" by White Cross. A truly incredible HC EP that you won't want to miss out on.

Review of the demo from http://danscheme.blogspot.com/2006/12/socialcide-sick-of-pressure-demo.html

Socialcide- Sick of the Pressure demo

Socialcide is a young-ish new band from the Virginia Beach area. It seems that whole section of the east coast is a virtual hotbed of great hardcore bands, and the promise that Socialcide on their “Sick of the Pressure” demo shows is no exception. It’s got a raw sound, but just right for their style; the mix is great and the songs are quality enough to even have made for a good 7”. Lord knows I’ve heard enough full length CDs that sounded worse than this.
Musically, they’ve got a thrashy, early 7 Seconds-ish style, and throw in a good cover of home-town heroes White Cross into the mix. That’s a good point of reference because although the vocals have a clear, shouted delivery (not nearly as throaty as W.C.), they’re a bit more over-the-top and chaotic than 7 Seconds typically was, and White Cross’s grit definitely had an influence on them. In fact, this demo reminds me a lot of that first Fairfuck single some of you might remember from 10 years back (the first Kicknpunch Records release, which was later issued by Anton at Underestimated). What with some great labels popping up between DC and Raleigh, it’s just a matter of time until someone picks these kids up; I’m sure they’ll do a great 7”

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Source : CDDA
Label : Musta Maija
Year : 2007
Genre : Hardcore
Rip Date: Apr-02-2007
Size : 29,5 MB
Bitrate : VBRKbps
Encoder : Lame 3.97 Final

Track Listing
1. The Asshole Monologue (1:24)
2. Posicore Is Bullshit (0:50)
3. Lose Control (1:07)
4. Hippie Shake (0:59)
5. 99.9 Percent (0:20)
6. Beatdown Brotherhood (1:02)
7. I Shot Olof Palme (0:31)
8. Soy Does Not Taste Like Meat (1:07)
9. Kicked Out Of Myspace (0:21)
10. I´ll Kick You In The Nuts (1:06)
11. Shallow Grave (0:51)
12. Mickey Mouse Club (0:42)
13. I Won´t Take The Blame (0:58)
14. Mr. Unity (1:22)
15. We Hate Everyone (Type O Negative) (0:57)
16. Police Brutality Rules (0:40)
17. Just Being Honest (0:33)
18. Olen Nähnyt Jumalan (0:33)
19. In My Way (4:28)

Total Playing Time: 19:59 (min:sec)
Total Size : 29,6 MB (30.998.528 bytes)

mp3 VO - LLDSC27C.rar

Latest offering from this early eighties styled hardcore band from Helsinki, Finland. 19 songs including a Type O Negative cover.


Lycanthrophy-Say Why
Genre........: Hardcore
Label........: n/a
Source.......: CDDA
Quality......: avg. 231kbps / 44,1kHz
Encoder......: Lame 3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Street.......: 000.00.2007
Release......: Jul.31.2007

01 Lycanthrophy - the morning after 00:55
02 Lycanthrophy - machines of success 00:50
03 Lycanthrophy - living in lie 01:03
04 Lycanthrophy - beware 01:06
05 Lycanthrophy - iron bound 00:46
06 Lycanthrophy - conform 02:14
07 Lycanthrophy - feeding 00:45
08 Lycanthrophy - political pigs 00:38
09 Lycanthrophy - through development 01:24
10 say why - ready to take off 01:28
11 say why - crush 01:17
12 say why - age of concrete 01:47
13 say why - mankinds trust 01:58
14 say why - sam sebou 01:05
15 say why - historii pisou vitezove 00:59
16 say why - posledni den 01:57
17 say why - good night dump pride 01:21
18 say why - whats up 02:01

mp3 VO - VALSW-27r.rar

lycanthrophy - extreme fastcore from czech republic with a female singer!!
say why - extreme fastcore from czech republic



Artist.......: Rabies
Album........: Test Your Might
Genre........: Punk
Label........: Sorry State Records
Source.......: CDDA
Quality......: avg. 120kbps / 44.1kHz
Encoder......: Lame 3.97 -V 2 --vbr-new
Street.......: Jan.09.2007
Release......: Mar.02.2007

Track Listing
1. Why You're Crying (0:55)
2. You're Gonna Blow it (0:50)
3. Disease Core (1:23)
4. The Man with the Flute (is Drilling My Head) (2:38)
5. Why (1:26)
6. Gonna Fuck You Up (1:13)
7. Shasted (0:51)
8. Mr Ragsdale (2:21)
9. Burning Tires (1:19)
10. The Teeth (1:53)
11. Feast (1:54)
12. Zombies Ate My Neighbors (1:50)
13. Captain Fun (1:18)
14. Game Over (1:04)
15. Deathbox Destroyer (0:45)
16. Blanketed Chaos (1:12)
17. Plateau (2:22)
18. Stairs of Shame (1:39)
19. Progress in Disguise (1:48)
20. Starin Down the Sun (2:39)

Total Playing Time: 31:29 (min:sec)
Total Size : 27,5 MB (28.868.212 bytes)

mp3 VO - RTYM27r.rar

Release Notes:
If you liked their Disease Core EP from earlier this year you'll go crazy over Rabies' debut full-length. Expect 13 tracks of ripping punk/hardcore that frequently garners comparisons to greats like the Germs, Black Flag and Wasted Youth. Marvel at the punked-out, catchy as-bird-flu riffs. Stand aghast at the complex walking bass lines. Feel the skin peel from your face as you hear the blazing solos.
Note: the CD is a discography-to-date including their Disease Core 7" EP and their track from No Bullshit Volume 2.


Artist: Warkrime
Album: Get Loose
Genre : Hardcore
Date : 19-Jul-2007
Year : 2007
Grabber : J River Media Center v.12.0.259
Encoder : lame 3.97
Quality : VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
CD Songs : 24
Playtime : 30:46 min
Company : No Way Records
Size : 53,8 MB
Streetdate : 21-Jun-2007
Url : http://www.myspace.com/warkrimerules
Type : Album
Source : CDDA
Language : English
Catalognr : NW 16 CD

Track Listing
1. Urban Problems (0:54)
2. Bombs Away (2:36)
3. Suicide Watch (0:48)
4. Get Loose (1:03)
5. Fight Me (2:21)
6. Drum Solo (0:24)
7. On The Road (1:38)
8. Retun To Saigon (1:50)
9. Instrumental (0:48)
10. Wictch Hunt (1:21)
11. Leaders (1:47)
12. Old Punks (0:41)
13. Power (1:17)
14. Trapped (1:19)
15. Mind Kampf (3:09)
16. No More (1:25)
17. Glass Parking (1:28)
18. Longhairs (0:20)
19. Give War A Chance (1:12)
20. Brat Camp (0:35)
21. Fuck It (0:51)
22. Warkrime/Suburban Suicide (1:43)
23. Speed (0:20)
24. Everybody Hates Me (0:45)

Total Playing Time: 30:45 (min:sec)
Total Size : 53,9 MB (56.527.848 bytes)

mp3 VO - WGLR27H.rar

WARKRIME'S DEBUT LP "GET LOOSE" w/bonus "GIVE WAR A CHANCE" ep and "NO BULLSHIT vol.2" comp track on one CD! Extensive layout with picture of all the records and inserts. Great Nihilistic, Supercharged Hardcore Punk here. The lp contains 14 songs of maniacally driven thrashing hardcore with a slight tinge of early B'LAST and a little later BLACK FLAG riffage. The late-great SHREDDER has quit the band, but his legend will live on with this album. The ep contains 10 songs of old school pissed off thrash that draws comparisons to SEPTIC DEATH, THE ACCUSED and NECROS. So If you're looking for the TOTAL WARKRIME package, look no further. Buy this cd.

Look Back And Laugh-State Of Illusion-(LP)-2007-FNT


Artist: Look Back And Laugh
Album: State Of Illusion
Label: LBAL Records
Playtime: 04:17 min
Genre: Hardcore
URL: http://www.lookbackandlaugh.net
Rip date: 2007-07-23
Street date: 2007-07-24
Size: 7 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: VBR kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

Track List

01. State Of Illusion ( 0:59)
02. Cannibal ( 1:21)
03. Trashed ( 0:54)
04. The Path ( 1:03)

mp3 VO - LBALSOIL27F.rar

Release Notes

Here's the new 1 sided LP from the best fucking hardcore band in existence
Pick it up for the rants, lyrics and beautiful screened B-side

Bay Area hardcore juggernaut Look Back And Laugh provide another dose of their pounding hardcore punk on this four-song one-sided 12". These tracks once again are characterized by the pounding drums and bass and screeching guitars all finished of with harsh female vocals and bitingly critical lyrics. The vinyl is one-sided clear vinyl with a silk-screened image on the B-side.


ARTiST....: The Kids
TiTLE.....: The Kids LP (Reissue)
LABEL.....: Havoc Records
GENRE.....: Punk Rock
SOURCE....: Vinyl
ENCODER...: Lame-3.97
BiTRATE...: VBRkbps
RiP DATE..: 13-Jul-2007

Track Title Time
01. This Is Rock N Roll 02:32
02. Do You Love The Nazis 02:23
03. Bloody Belgium 01:14
04. For The Fret 02:33
05. Baby Thats Alright 01:50
06. Fascist Cops 02:27
07. I Wanna Get A Job In The City 02:50
08. I Dont Care 02:05
09. I Feel Alright 01:35
10. Old D.J.S 02:27
11. Ill Get You 01:15
12. Money Is All I Need 01:58
13. The City Is Dead 01:53
14. No Work 02:29
Total Time 29:31

mp3 VO - TKTKLRV27U.rar

The Kids play a perfect mix of 77 punk and amped up 50's rock that has made them cult with punk, hardcore and garage fans for many years. This official re-issue includes two bonus tracks not on the original and an insert with lyrics and photos.

Havoc info:
Release Date: June 8, 2007

The 1978 self titled LP from Belgiums punk legends The Kids. To my mind one of the very best of 1970's punk records and one of the greatest punk records of all time. This record sold well on it's release but has been long out of print and the band faded into obscurity overshadowed by the better marketed UK and US bands. In my world this record rocks harder and has more punk power than all the household name punk bands of the 70's like the Sex Pistols and the Damned. The Kids cut right to the essense of punk, and indeed rock and roll music, by fusing the high energy and rebellious spirit of 1950's rock and roll with 77 punk. The songs on here are all classics and have gained a cult following with collectors and fans through bootleg releases. Now Havoc and Sonik have teamed up to re issue this classic LP on vinyl with the approval of the band. Included are two bonus tracks not on the original LP and an insert with lyrics and a few photos (the original had no insert). The lyrics are not going to win any nobel prizes for literature, but they are truly punk and steeped in snotty defiance of authority. Songs like "Fascist Cops" and "Old DJs" capture the spirite of 77 punk like no others. Havoc has done the vinyl only, co release with Sonik Records of Montreal. Sonik has also issued the first two Kids LPs on CD.

Seeing these guys live at Chaos in Tejas was a once in a lifetime gig I'll never forget. Watching these guys still going after 30 years and still having a great time and rocking hard was just too good to be true. Rock N Roll "It's my life 'til I die"

This is Rock N Roll/ Do you love the nazis/ Bloody Belgium/ For the Fret/ Baby that's Alright/ Fascist cops// I wanna get a job in the city/ I don't Care/ I feel alright/ Old DJ's/ I'l Get You/ Money is all I need/ The City is Dead*/ No Work*

*Bonus tracks not on the original LP

First press June 2007, 2700 black, 300 purple prssing split 50/50 between Havoc and Sonik[/quote]


ARTiST : Wasted Time
ALBUM : No Shore
LABEL : Grave Mistake
GENRE : Hardcore
RELEASE : 2007-07-10
STREET : 2007-07-00
ENCODER : LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
QUALiTY : 242kbps avg / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
SiZE : 17.79 MB
PLAYTiME : 00:09:43
[#] [Track Name] [Time]
1. Hostage 2:02
2. Leech 0:42
3. No Shore 1:02
4. Hey, Pat! 1:10
5. And So IT Goes 1:54
6. Ritual 0:55
7. Same Story 1:58

Listen at Grave Mistake Bandcamp

mp3 VO - WTNS7IV27K.rar

Back with a second E.P.!!! This time around these Richmond boys (with the addition of Brandon from Government Warning taking over drum duties) crank it up about ten notches from their debut E.P., assaulting your ears with seven blasts of angry, violent raging fast hardcore. The early raw USHC influence (some POISON IDEA, NA, and SSD) is definitely still very much there, but WASTED TIME have added a few surprises. Be warned ... this record might just get up in the middle of the night and kill you in your sleep.


ARTiST : Time To Escape
ALBUM : Time To Escape
LABEL : Grave Mistake
GENRE : Hardcore
RELEASE : 2007-07-10
STREET : 2007-07-00
ENCODER : LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
QUALiTY : 251kbps avg / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
SiZE : 14.13 MB
PLAYTiME : 00:07:28
[#] [Track Name] [Time]
1. Mr Popular 1:18
2. Wasted Time 0:50
3. Blood's Not Thick Enough 1:45
4. Party Time 1:35
5. Run Away 2:00

Listen at Grave Mistake Bandcamp

mp3 VO - TTETTE7IV27K.rar

Washington DC's TIME TO ESCAPE tear through five tracks no frills DC HARDCORE akin to early GOVERNMENT ISSUE or THE FAITH. Originally recorded as a demo with about 200 circulated, these tracks ripped too hard to fade into demo tape obscurity ... so here they are remastered and in vinyl format. Proof that our nation's capital can still churn out the fast, seething, pissed off hardcore that put it on the map in the first place.


ARTiST : Government Warning
ALBUM : Arrested
LABEL : Grave Mistake
GENRE : Hardcore
RELEASE : 2007-07-10
STREET : 2007-07-00
ENCODER : LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
QUALiTY : 243kbps avg / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
SiZE : 11.11 MB
PLAYTiME : 00:06:02
[#] [Track Name] [Time]
1. Arrested 2:02
2. Maniacs 0:58
3. Killing For Fun 1:14
4. Safe And Sound 1:48

Listen at Grave Mistake Bandcamp

mp3 VO - GWA7IV27K.rar

Brand new E.P. from Richmond, VA's Government Warning. "Arrested" picks up right where 2006's NO MODERATION left off, blazing through four new tracks of their brand of unadulterated hardcore punk rock (think GANG GREEN, RKL, and ADOLESCENTS thrown in a blender)... one catchy as hell title track followed by three more fast and ferocious cuts guaranteed to leave you floored. This EP has it all; hooks, speed, attitude, piss, vinegar ... definintely will not disappoint.

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Source : Vinyl
Label : Wasted Sounds
Year : 2007
Genre : Hardcore
Rip Date: Jun-17-2007
Size : 30,0 MB
Bitrate : VBRKbps
Encoder : Lame 3.97 Final

01 Attack The Police/youth Of Today 02:09
02 Screw Your Neighbours Wife 01:05
03 You Die Even If You Leave Alcohol 02:16
04 10 Geeks In A Tree 01:03
05 Who Are You? 01:50
06 G.O.T. 01:24
07 Busy With Business 02:11
08 Bad Company 01:19
09 Do You Wanna Slide? 02:50
10 First Time 01:32
11 No Name, No Future 01:17
12 Stick With Your Fork 01:08
13 Bite Me 01:05
14 On My Own 01:14
15 Untitled 00:48

Total Playing Time : 23:11 min

mp3 VO - TBOOOL27C.rar

These youngsters, aged 16-17, bash out straight-forward, catchy punk with a clean guitar sound. THE BLIND jam in the crucial style of early BLACK FLAG, CIRCLE JERKS, or ADOLESCENTS. Imagine a mix of recent scandinavian bands like AMDI PETERSEN'S ARME, YOUNG WASTENERS, DS-13 or REGULATIONS. Sweden has fostered some of the best hardcore bands of the past decade. 15 rough tracks with raspy vocals and snappy three chord gems fusing '77 era punk, hardcore and rock 'n roll.
NOTE: Track 1 includes two songs since they were impossible to split.


Source : Vinyl
Label : Ken Rock
Year : 2007
Genre : Punk
Rip Date: Apr-23-2007
Size : 8,7 MBB
Bitrate : VBRKbps
Encoder : Lame 3.97 Final

Url : http://www.theblinds.se/

01 Lost 01:30
02 Take It Away 00:45
03 Skate & Party 01:34
04 T.H.P. 02:07

Total Playing Time : 05:56 min

mp3 VO - TBSTV27C.rar

Four young kids from the small town Harbo, Sweden dazzling us with their brand of 80's USHC influenced hardcore crossing and mixing stuff like Circle Jerks, Black Flag, Minor Threat, and Descendents through their instruments making it sound just right. It's fast, loud, snotty and obnoxious.


Artist : Subsistance
Album : Bleed Sweat And Strive
Bitrate : VBR kbps
Source : CD (LP)
Label : Arisen Records
Year : 2007
Genre : Punk Rock
Rip date : 2007-05-02
Store date : 2007-04-11
Encoder : LAME
Size : 49.35 megs

[Track List]
1. Network Assault 1:23
2. Reduced To Silence 3:01
3. Keep Up The Fight 2:32
4. Madrid's Verdict 2:47
5. Seize The Day 2:22
6. Blank Vote 2:47
7. Lacrymogene 2:43
8. To Much Information 2:01
9. Police State 2:44
10. Outlined 2:00
11. 6 Decembre 89 (Casus Belli) 2:02
12. Shine From Rust 2:05
13. Quiet Revolution 2:26

mp3 VO - SBSaS27p9.rar



Review (from some webpage i don't remember now, sorry!)
SUBSISTANCE-BLEED SWEAT & STRIVE(CD-ARISEN RECORDS ARS 62626) They have played together with bands like Total Chaos, Conflict, When I fall and that gives us an idea how about they sound. Fast punkrock with hardcoreinfluneces and that´s never wrong or? The group comes from France and they sing both in English and in French and that´s good I think because French is a good rocklanguage I think even if I don´t undersnad something. Sure we have some influences from groups like Exploited, Discharge and so on but I cannot say any French group they sounds like. But these three guys really know how to make a fast song that´s no doubt about that. And we get some heavymetalinfluences also in Madrid´s Verdict but that´s nothing which is disturbing. (EIGHT)
They're Canadians, not frenchs



Genre : Hardcore
Year : 2006
Grabber : J River Media Center v.11.1
Encoder : lame 3.97
Quality : VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Songs : 26
Playtime : 45:45 min
Company : Maximum Rocknroll
Size : 70,7 MB
Streetdate : 14-nov-2006
Type : Sampler
Source : CDDA
Language : English
Catalognr : MRR 014

1. Formaldehyde Junkies - Religious Molester
2. Framtid - Nuclear Power Genocide
3. Strung Up - Clones
4. Disease - Cotton Fields
5. No Hope For The Kids - Treblinka
6. Regulations - Stop
7. Limp Wrist - Fucks With My Head
8. Direct Control - Public Safety
9. Persevere - Crass Solution
10. Signal Lost - Dasein
11. Pedestrians - Downfall
12. Sleeper Cell - Blind
13. Deadfall - Pushing And Pulling
14. Nightmare - Future Now
15. Look Back And Laugh - Weight Of The World
16. Aaritila - Tahtilippu Polttakaa
17. Observers - What A Let Down
18. Sunday Morning Einsteins - En Lek Med Livet
19. Holy Shit! - We're Going Out, And It Sucks
20. Gorilla Angreb - Darwin 05
21. Regress - Blue Blood
22. The First Step - Cutting Through
23. Career Suicide - Do Some Harm
24. Smalltown - Come Around
25. Smartut Kahol Lavan - Severe Trauma
26. Sin Dios - Iraq

mp3 VO - VAPSR26H.rar

Releasenotes:Maximum Rocknroll presents "Public Safety," a full-length compilation featuring unreleased tracks from some of today's best hardcore/punk bands from every corner of the globe. Some of the bands included are Formaldehyde Junkies, Framtid, Strung Up, No Hope For The Kids, Regulations, Limp Wrist, Direct Control, Signal Lost, Pedestrians, Deadfall, Nightmare, Look Back And Laugh, Aaritila, Observers, Gorilla Angreb, The First Step, Career Suicide and many more
This is a rip of the cd. The COR rip was from the lp and the volume was low as stated in their info. Here the volume is really good. I think that you'll enjoy it more.
Scans of front and back enclosed


Artist Geriatric Unit
Album Nuclear Accidents
Label Violent Change Records
Year 2007
Style Hardcore Punk
Quality Lame/VBR/44.1kHz/J.Stereo
Source CDDA
Type Album
Date 04-16-2007

01. Kill The Pose 01:09
02. Little Voice Of Reason 01:20
03. Trapped 01:13
04. Gotta' Make A Friend? 00:50
05. Black Dog 01:06
06. It's Time To Choose 01:26
07. Too Dumb To Learn 00:57
08. Waste-Line 01:21
09. Antidepression 01:24
10. Can't Sleep 01:27
11. Untitled Bonus Track 00:19

mp3 VO - GUNA27V.rar

GERIATRIC UNIT (UK). Old Fast Loud Rules! GU feature former members of Heresy, Iron Monkey and Hard to Swallow and play hardcore punk. This is not some nod to the eighties inspired rehash, these guys fucking invented it! Raw, Real, and the antidote to all the drivel you've had to endure thats been masquerading as hardcore in recent years.


Source : Vinyl
Label : Cross Laws
Year : 2007
Genre : Hardcore
Rip Date: Apr-23-2007
Size : 7,5 MBB
Bitrate : VBRKbps
Encoder : Lame 3.97 Final

01 Buried Alive 01:31
02 Behind The Curve 00:21
03 Blasphemy 00:56
04 Don┤t Call This Life/cross Laws 02:41

Total Playing Time : 05:29 min

mp3 VO - CLBTCV27C.rar

Five tracks of fucking fierce DIY hardcore. Though Cross Laws often garner comparisons to the Fix and early Poison Idea, you can also hear elements of Scandinavian and Japanese HC working their way into the mix.
NOTE: Track 4 contains two songs since they were impossible to split.

miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2007


ARTiST : The Geeks
ALBUM : Every Time We Fall
LABEL : Think Fast!
GENRE : Hardcore

RELEASE : 2007-03-14
STREET : 2007-03-13

ENCODER : LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
QUALiTY : 230kbps avg / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
SiZE : 30.08 MB
PLAYTiME : 00:18:04


[#] [Track Name] [Time]

1. Open Your Eyes 1:06
2. What We Believe 1:10
3. Appreciation 1:12
4. Let It Fade 0:43
5. See It Through 1:36
6. My Foundation 2:19
7. Respect 1:26
8. As We Speak 1:33
9. Pushed Aside 1:20
10. What It Takes 1:19
11. Search 1:24
12. Every Time We Fall 2:56

mp3 VO - TGETWF27K.rar

Remember when hardcore bands sang about important topics and cared about what they said? Well, some still do and, sometimes, you have to look around the world to find them. THE GEEKS is that band. Prior to 2005, THE GEEKS had appeared on compilations within the United States along with the worldwide distribution of their discography CD on Townhall Records which helped introduce the band to the western world. The release of their EP on Think Fast! Records entitled "What's Inside" solidified the band as one of the most sincere hardcore acts in the world today. In 2006, they took America by storm with an incredibly uplifting and inspiring tour which brought them all over the east coast with OUTBREAK and DOWN TO NOTHING and then to the west coast. Hardcore kids flocked to the shows as THE GEEKS established a reputation for their fun live shows which are free of the meathead bullshit that plagues the hardcore scene today. THE GEEKS is to Asia what YOUTH OF TODAY was to American Hardcore. They built a generation of positive hardcore in their country and traveled the world with their message. Every Time We Fall is the band's debut full length on Think Fast! Records. You won't find experimental metal or moshcore cheese. You'll find 12 hardcore anthems of positive hardcore done to perfection straight from South Korea.



Source : CDDA
Label : Hardcore Holocaust
Year : 2007
Genre : Hardcore
Rip Date: 05.16.2007
Size : 51,8 MB
Bitrate : VBRKbps
Encoder : Lame 3.97 Final


01 Back To Zero 02:58
02 Boiling Blood 01:59
03 Sarajevo Snapshot 01:58
04 Those Who Have Come To The End 01:35
05 Triumph Of Evil 03:15
06 A Grim Task Ahead 02:59
07 The Frenzied Hacking Of Swords 02:25
08 Exrement Of The Gods 02:11
09 Children Gone To Shadow 02:10
10 Blood And Dishonor 01:56
11 All The Young Turks 03:05
12 Pigs Get Fat While Hogs Get Slaughtered 04:46

Total Playing Time : 31:17 min

mp3 VO - WBTDTSC27C.rar


Their new 10 track album plus rerecordings of 2 tracks previously
released on the split with Disclose.


Source : Vinyl
Label : Six Feet Under
Year : 2006
Genre : Hardcore
Rip Date: Mar-29-2007
Size : 33,4 MB
Bitrate : VBRKbps
Encoder : Lame 3.97 Final


01 Face The Nation 01:21
02 Payback 00:43
03 You Don┤t Get It 01:14
04 Screwed 01:06
05 Stand Apart 00:41
06 Binge And Purge 01:01
07 No Voice No Choice 01:05
08 Retaliate! 00:17
09 My Opinion 01:31
10 Jerk Off 01:03
11 I Hate Cenk 00:53
12 Morris Plains Kids 01:47
13 Skate Or Die! 01:33
14 Dead Animals 00:44
15 Bonehead 00:54
16 Half Empty 00:16
17 Coming Back To Babylon 01:38
18 Bonehead (Outtake) 00:54
19 Welcome To The Slaughterhouse (Outtake) 00:54
20 Passing Phase 01:09

Total Playing Time : 20:44 min

mp3 VO - DNPPL26C.rar


Remixed/remastered LP of the Cenk EP and Face The Nation EP as well as 3 compilation tracks. This band went on to to put out the fantastic Dead End LP and Painless 7" both on Dead Alive records before turning into Tear It Up. Sweet New Jersey hardcore punk from 1998.

Christian_Club - Final_Confession-Vinyl-2007-COR

Christian_Club - Final_Confession-Vinyl-2007-frontChristian_Club - Final_Confession-Vinyl-2007-back

Source : Vinyl
Label : Sorry State
Year : 2007
Genre : Hardcore
Rip Date: May-19-2007
Size : 11,3 MB
Bitrate : VBRKbps
Encoder : Lame 3.97 Final


01 Deranged 00:52
02 Catholic Discipline 00:39
03 Fuck Jehovahs Witness 01:36
04 Paradise Lost 00:38
05 Kill For Christ 01:18
06 Crucify The Ones You Love 01:18
07 Jesusfish Asshole - Part 2 01:16

Total Playing Time : 07:37 min

mp3 VO - CCFCV27C.rar

San Diego's Christian Club play fast, tight hardcore like you've come to expect from Sorry State Records. These guys are separated from the pack by two throat-shredding vocalists, great production and vehemently anti-Christian lyrics. Recommended for fans of early Dr. Know, Strung Up and Direct Control.

If there wasn’t a lyric sheet with this single I’d have no idea just how harsh this record was. With songs railing against Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Christians in general, this isn’t a record to play your religious Grandmother, no matter how open minded you think she is. These guys play hyper-fast, brutal hardcore and throw around lyrics like “Saint Mary was a whore and so are you”. This is a record for people who might like their Koro mixed with anti-religious sentiment. Good stuff. I don’t know much about the band, but the Sorry State site says this record is a posthumous release which is too bad. That cover is perfect for a t-shirt too, just a thought.


ARTiST: Severed Head of State
TiTLE: Power Hazard E.P
LABEL: Havoc Records
GENRE: Hardcore
ENCODER: LAME 3.97 -V2 --Vbr-New
RiP DATE: 03-May-2007

##. Track Title Time

Power Hazard E.P

01. Death's Marionette 02:10
02. Frigid Chill, Not of Winter 02:21
03. A Future Like A Guillotine 01:57
04. Adversity 01:42
05. Corpse of Hope 02:03
06. Thrown Into The Seas of Fire 02:03
07. Sacrament of The Sick 02:27
08. This Final Scene... 02:33

Fucking Butchery 7"

01. Stand In Harms Way 02:40
02. Blood of Vengeance 02:31
03. Not Fucking Dead 02:29

Charge Ahead 7"

01. Born To Be Hanged 01:54
02. Charge Ahead 01:58
03. Kuitenkin Kuolemme 02:27
Total Time 31:15

mp3 VO - SHoSPHEP27U.rar

Severed Head of State return with nine punishing new tracks. Hard driving riffs and angry vocals give this release a real fist pumping intensity. A lot of the songs are more mid tempo in the tradition of mid period Poison Idea and other hardcore punk bands that took some cues from Motorhead. Severed Head of State have been going for ten years now, but are a band with no geographic center and with all members playing in other bands. Guitarist Todd Burdette (Tragdy, HisHero Is Gone, Warcry) delivers some really searing guitar riffs on this LP and the guitar tone is perfect for the style, biting and corrosive like battery acid. Jack Control (World Burns to Death) has always impressed me with his raw and angry vocals and well thought out lyrics. A lot of bands write about the horror of war and man's inhumanity to man just because it's what fits the music. When I read Jack's lyrics I see that he's looking beyond the black and white pictures of war victims in the history books. The atrocities are not the result of one criminal act, but of the recurring process of unrestrained power and authority run amok. The bleak lryics and their focus on oppression and atrocity are a searing reminder that there is much to be done and things will probably get worse before they get any better. I've always though bassist Kelly Halliburton (Masskontroll, Defiance, Clusterbombunit, Resist) had some of the best style in hardcore dropping in some of his crucial Discharoge style "walking" bass fills. Drummer Chris Pfeffer (Signal Lost, Storm the Tower, Scorched Earth Policy) holds it all together with some sick and precise beats

The CD actually only has 8 new tracks, Check Havoc's site they list 8 aswell

This CD Version Contains Fucking Butchery 7" and Charge Ahead 7" as bonus tracks