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Este disco me lo ha pedido un "anonimo mexicano" (espero que lo veas) en algun comentario, y aunque me ha costado conseguirlo, aqui esta. No los conocia, pero despues de leer el comentario escuche alguno de sus temas en su myspace, y pense que si veia el disco en algun concierto me lo pillaria. Estuve hace 2 semanas en Barcelona y me lo pille en el concierto de Subterranean Kids. Para los que os gusta la mayoria de lo que posteo, tambien os gustara esto. Ah!, muchas gracias a Dani por pasarme el vinilo a cd y fotografiar la portada y contraportada, que estan incluidas en el rar.

This record was requested by an "anonimo mexicano" in some comment, and although it have take some time to get it, finally it's here. I didn't know'em, but after read the comment, i listened their myspace songs, and thought that if i saw the record in some gig i'll buy it. I was 2 weeks ago in Barcelona seeing Subterranean Kids, and got it from some guy with lots of good records. If you like most of the stuff i post, you'll like this one too. And many thanks to Dani for record the vinyl to cd and make photos of the front and back cover that i 've enclose in the rar.

Let's Grow - Disease Of Modern Times LP

Genre : Hardcore
Year : 2007
Grabber : J River Media Center v.12.0.428
Encoder : lame 3.97
Quality : VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Songs : 13
Playtime : 18:37 min
Company : Thrashbastard Records
Size : 35,3 MB
Streetdate : 00-000-2007
Url :
Type : Album
Source : Vinyl
Language : English
Catalognr : Thrashbastrd No. 9

mp3 VO

After some years of activity and two 7"s released on US labels like 625 and Know Records, this band from Belgrade, Serbia managed to release their full length album. This is no bullshit, high-energy, great sounding hardcore, taking the best elements of fast US 80's hardcore with good examples of european hardcore without any re-hash and not being stucked in the past. This how real hardcore should sound in 2006, with very good sound, fast tempos but also good amount of diversities in their songs, to keep them kicking through all the 14 songs on the recordings. Yet, this band have definitely lots of attitudes and important things to say. LP released as a cooperation with Thrashbastard Records from Germany. 100 copies out of the first press are released on clear vinyl. (

Finally, three years after the last release, LETS GROW’s first album is out. The album has 13 songs (officially :)) and perhaps what I like the most about the album, its variety. Everything is packed into the LETS GROW sound, there aren’t any unpleasant jumps or mixing of all and everything but definitely there isn’t the “Ouch! But all the songs are the same!” either. And I think that that variety is exactly what makes the album interestnig to listen to. As for the sound, it’s aggressive, fast and edgy in the LG style but also with rocker parts and in some places subdued rhythms.
The lyrics refer to different themes inspired by various reflections, events and feelings. Some stand for themselves while others have an additional background story, like on previous LG releases.

I like that this is one more HA-KO release (which I also noticed in the Unison’s THE SUM) where the growth of the band is apparent; keeping the old sound but also transforming it into something new, fresh and as far as LG is concerned, more ‘serious’. This is my as much as possible honest opinion while I am listenting to the album and listing through the booklet. (

Let's Grow is a fantastic hardcore band from Belgrade, Serbia, and they have already released 2 7"s from labels such as 625 and Know Records. What we have in this CD is 13 songs of no bullshit, energetic, pissed off hardcore in the vein of 80s USA hardcore. Crucial! (

With each release, Serbia's Let's Grow does, indeed, grow as a band. Their new album is called Disease Of Modern Times and it's a dose of ripsaw hardcore punk with rock 'n' roll lead guitar licks. Thrash in different speeds, sometimes opting fot the double-speed blast and they shift easily into circle pit-inspiring breakdowns. Smack in the middle of this album, there's a killer mid-tempo 9 Shocks-style song called "Man Is The Measure". The cover shows a lonely soul, shaded in darkness, staring at a computer screen that says "no new messages" and ties in with other themes of alienation expressed on this album. (Al Quint-MRR-Suburvan Voice)

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Artist: See You In Hell
Album: See You In Hell EP
Genre : Hardcore
Year : 2002
Grabber : J River Media Center v.12.0.318
Encoder : lame 3.97
Quality : VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Songs : 07
Playtime : 12:40 min
Company : Ultima Ratio
Size : 24,3 MB
Url :
Type : EP
Source : Vinyl
Language : Czech

[ Tracklist ]

01.Maso Jako Maso [02:22]
02.Mujtatinek Pracuje V Koncentraku [01:34]
03.Site Kontroly [01:52]
04.Robot [01:07]
05.Seance Masove Hypnozy [01:42]
06.Zadratovany Svet [01:28]
07.Violent Pacification (D.R.I.) [02:35]
12:40 min
24,3 MB

mp3 VO

This band born from the ashes of MRTVA BUDOCNOST. After a demo and a split 7" with MINDLOCK, we have a full EP...6 new tracks + a D.R.I. cover. The style is HC/Violence sometimes like bands on Prank/Crimetinc. Rec. Modern yet violent HC with well done and structured songs. Harsh vocals, chaotic music (but a chaos with a certain order...) and political/personal lyrics. Great stuff.(Perro Maldito issue 2)

After successful split 7" with MINDLOCK it's time for more.In line-up of SYIH is ex-crew of thrash-punk MRTVA BUDOUCNOST. Tunes are much better, more twisted, there is almost no fat playing, just broken rhytms, slow and heavy, a bit Emo-Violence where you can hear RORSCHACH and BORN AGAINST, but inclinations to thrash are preceptible, sometimes you can ever hear CITIZEN'S ARREST and few dodges similar to MAN IS THE BASTARD. And as a dessert DRI and my favourite "Violent Pacification", very nice EP. Colour cover, lyrics in Czech and English, political and engaged. 7 songs of good kick ass punk. (VIOLENCE issue 4)

Powerful hardcore punk from the Czech Republic that barrows from several styles and churns out their own unique sound(closest band that comes to my mind is Catharsis). Lots of tempo changes, breaks, and melodic breakdowns - all played in a perfect performance tighter than the ass crack of a bicycle cop. Lyrics (in Czech, but with English translations) explore the darker side of humanity, and include a cover of DRI's "Violent Pacification." (DS) (PROFANE EXISTENCE website)

Again a band from the Czech Republic to review. Fast hardcore this time. That's fastcore with a touch of grind here and there to be precise. Sung in Czech which gives it a mean bite to my opinion. Good material because it's fast, to the point and mean. Recordings a bit muddy but the quality is recognizable. There's a DRI cover on as well so you know what this is like. (REFLECTIONS issue 15)

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Como este grupo me gusta bastante, creo que voy a hacerles un poco de promo de su proxima gira. Aqui estan las fechas. Si vives cerca de alguno de estos sitios, vete a verlos y disfruta de un buen concierto hcpunk. Y si te gustan mucho, y tienes algun dinero para gastar, comprales unos discos, camisetas, ... Su ultimo lp esta posteado aqui y un dia de estos subire uno de sus primeros ep's

As i like this band a lot i think that i'll make them a little promotion of their upcoming tour. Here are the dates. If you live near of some of these places, go see 'em, and enjoy a cool hcpunk gig. And if you like em enough and have some money to spend, buy 'em some stuff (records, t-shirts,...)Their last lp is posted here and i'll try to post one of their old ep's in some days

South-European tour 2008

SEE YOU IN HELL will tour Southern Europe from March 13th till March 29th 2008 along with our fastcore friends SHEEVA YOGA:
thu 13/3 Wien (a) - EKH
fri 14/3 Beograd (ser) - Akademija (+ ENTROPIJA, DAZD)
sa 15/3 Skopje (mac) - practise room (+ SHOCK TROOPERS)
sun 16/3 Kavala (gre) - T.E.I. (+ BURIAL, ANTIMOB)
mon 17/3 Thessalonike (gre) - Viologiko (+ DEVASTATION OF LIFE)
tue 18/3 day off
wed 19/3 Martina Franca (ita)
thu 20/3 Rome (ita) - Pirateria squat (+ DIRTY POWER GAME)
fri 21/3 Bologna (ita) - Atlantide (+ MOTORNOISE)
sa 22/3 Torino (ita) - El Paso (+ JILTED, MEMENTO MORI)
sun 23/3 La Ferriere - Grenoble (fra) - L Epinay
mon 24/3 Barcelona (spa) - La Jungla
tue 25/3 Zaragoza (spa) - Arrebato (+ YAKUZA HORROR)
wed 26/3 Burgos (spa) - The Boss
thu 27/3 Donosti (spa) - Mogambo (+ BASURDE)

fri 28/3 Bordeaux (fra) - Athenee Libertaire (+ CRICKBAT)
sa 29/3 St. Etienne (fra) - Local 100% (+ DISKOIRAA)


Geriatric Unit - Kill The Pose CD

Rip Date: Feb-29-2008
Source : CDDA
Bitrate : VBRKbps
Encoder : Lame 3.97 Final
Label : Speedstate Solid
Year : 2008
Genre : Hardcore
Size : 41,10 MB


01 Geriatric Unit - People Are Stupid 00:49
02 Geriatric Unit - Life Half Over 01:28
03 Geriatric Unit - Scene Creation 00:55
04 Geriatric Unit - Tired Old Two-Face 01:45
05 Geriatric Unit - Cupboard Of Shame 00:50
06 Geriatric Unit - To Lie, Cheat And Abuse 02:01
07 Geriatric Unit - Radioactive Dinner 00:44
08 Geriatric Unit - Drunk It All Away 01:18
09 Geriatric Unit - The Return Of Rubbish Past 01:42
10 Geriatric Unit - I Never Wanted Friends 00:51
11 Geriatric Unit - Kill The Pose 01:08
12 Geriatric Unit - Little Voice Of Reason 01:20
13 Geriatric Unit - Trapped 01:13
14 Geriatric Unit - Gotta Make A Friend? 00:50
15 Geriatric Unit - Black Dog 01:06
16 Geriatric Unit - It's Time To Choose 01:26
17 Geriatric Unit - Too Dumb To Learn 00:57
18 Geriatric Unit - Waste-Line 01:21
19 Geriatric Unit - Antidepression 01:24
20 Geriatric Unit - Can't Sleep 01:27
21 Geriatric Unit - Bogus Track 00:18
22 Geriatric Unit - Bogus Track 00:52

Total Playing Time : 25:45 min

mp3 VO


"Kalv and Steve from Heresy are now driving thrashing again with former members of Hard to Swallow and Iron Monkey. A very straight-into-the-point hardcore punk. This CD contains the tracks from their first EP "NUCLEAR ACCIDENTS" and following "LIFE HALF OVER" EP, plus special track as a bonus for this Japanese edition CD. Exclusive artwork for Japanese edition only, with lyrics translation (en/jp), OBI strip."
Only $11.50 PPD WORLDWIDE (including SAL postage), so what are you waiting for!?!

01-10 : Life Half Over 12"EP (Boss Tuneage 2007)
11-20 : Nuclear Accidents 12"EP (Plastic Bomb 2007)
21-22 : bonus tracks

Url :