lunes, 28 de julio de 2008

añadidos algunos scans/some scans added

Solo un comentario para decir que he añadido las portadas y contraportadas de 4 discos que tenian fotos pequeñas. Son las de Reprobates, Life Trap, Idiots Rule y Fy-Fan.

Poco a poco, supongo que ire haciendo lo mismo con algun que otro disco

Just a comment to say that i've upped some front and back covers of 4 records that had small ones. The records are Reprobates, Life Trap, Idiots Rule y Fy-Fan

With time, i'll keep upping some other better quality scans

viernes, 25 de julio de 2008



Reprobates - Stress EP

Genre: Hardcore
Release Date: 2008-07-23
Store Date: 2008-00-00
Catnum: NW-28
Label: No Way Records
Source: Vinyl
Playtime: 0h 08min total
Encoder: LAME 3.97 (-V2 --vbr-new)
Bitrate: 227 kbps avg
Size: 13.13 MB


Title Time
1. Rat Maze 1:09
2. Failure 2:33
3. Stress 1:31
4. Abandoned City 1:11
5. Gone To Shit 1:38

mp3 VO

Release Notes

Songs on side A are in the wrong order, i put them in correct place for this release

Debut release from this Toronto, Canada, 5-piece hardcore punk outfit. 5 songs of strained, fucked up hardcore punk. This band has 2 guitars, which brings a lot to the table... a wall of fucking noise over top of abusive, punchy HC. This stuff brings to mind bands like NOTA, JERRY'S KIDS and even some old foreign HC like INFERNO, NO SECURITY, MOB 47, and UPRIGHT CITIZENS

If you like it, buy it

Dead Metaphor
Song of the Week: Reprobates: Failure

Posted on July 16th, 2008 in none by daniel ||

I first heard of Toronto’s Reprobates when an unsolicited demo tape arrived in the Sorry State Records mailbox. While most demos tend to get tossed to the side and listened to weeks later, something about this tape stuck out… the layout didn’t look slapped-together, and every indication pointed to the fact that this group had their shit together. I popped the tape in the deck and wow… the band blew me away with one of the toughest, meanest sounds I’d heard in ages. While more and more hardcore bands try and cop the melodic west coast aesthetic, Reprobates were amping up the influences from “tough” US hardcore like Negative Approach and SOA and adding in a little of the European flavor of bands like BGK. I was smitten and sent them an email immediately asking to put out their debut 7″. Later that day I got a reply from their guitarist, Gabby, saying that several other labels had contacted them and they’d already committed to doing records with those labels, but I could put out their 3rd or 4th 7″ if they wanted. I guess that all those other labels had pretty much my exact same experience when they opened that package.

Fast forward a few months to No Way Fest 2, where Reprobates played and knocked my socks off. For me, they were probably the band of the fest… while more established bands like Wasted Time and Government Warning may have gotten better reactions, I wasn’t blindsided by those sets the way that I was by Reprobates. Their feedback-drenched, two-guitar sound was so much thicker and more twisted than any other band (save perhaps Wasted Time and Double Negative) that they really stuck out from the crowd.

Reprobates also have an undeniable knack for building and releasing tension, a knack that is on near-perfect display on “Failure,” the opening track from their first 7″ on No Way Records. The absolutely crushing mid-paced riff that starts the track is straight out of the SS Decontrol songbook, but the loud feedback track is what truly sets this apart… it’s like the second guitarist is feeling it so hard that he can’t even bring himself to strum that simple riff. When the fast part comes in there’s no stab at melody or even control… it’s just relentless, Deep Wound-style thrashing, and just when you feel like you’re regaining your equilibrium the song shifts back into that slow, demented riff. Wow.

This is a song of the week post, not an EP of the week post, but I will say that you absolutely need this record. The title track, “Stress,” is just as good as “Failure” and the rest of the EP is no slouch either. Throw in killer artwork and packaging and you have one of the essential hardcore records of 2008.

jueves, 24 de julio de 2008



Life Trap - Solitary Confinement EP

Genre: Hardcore
Release Date: 2008-07-23
Store Date: 2008-00-00
Catnum: NW-29
Label: No Way Records
Source: Vinyl
Playtime: 0h 10min total
Encoder: LAME 3.97 (-V2 --vbr-new)
Bitrate: 193 kbps avg
Size: 14.25 MB


Title Time
1. Not Like You 1:17
2. Lost 1:20
3. Solitary Confinement 1:23
4. Too Young To Die? 1:00
5. Hopeless 1:26
6. No Excuse 1:02
7. Reckless Abandonment 1:18
8. Wasteland 1:26

mp3 VO

Release Notes

Life Trap return for another swift kick to the head with 8 songs of punishing HC/PUNK not unlike their 1st ep and demo. No song over a minute and a half, so you know it will feed your non- attentive brain and hardcore addiction. A great 2nd ep from this great band