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ARTiST: citizens patrol
ALBUM: sick routine e.p
GENRE: hardcore TRACKS: 10
RELEASE DATE: 10/24/2007 SiZE: 14,2 MB
YEAR: 2007 SOURCE: vinyl
LABEL: Crucial Attack PLAYTiME: 08:43 min
QUALiTY: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo

a1. start the slaughter 01:07
a2. c.o.p. 00:33
a3. dirty look 01:01
a4. sick routine 01:05
a5. shit for brains 00:39
b1. fear sells 00:55
b2. mental 00:57
b3. bounded thoughts 00:46
b4. serve who, protect what? 00:44
b5. end of the world 00:56
Total: 08:43 min

mp3 VO - CPSREE27Y.rar


Allright, finally the Citizens Patrol – Sick Routine EP’s came in! Although it took some time due to pressing plant problems, it was definitely worth the wait. The result looks incredible!

Citizens Patrol is hailing from the south of the Netherlands and play awesome straight forward hardcore. Imagine old NYHC like Antidote, Urban Waste mixed with some Spermbirds and a little US punk like Reagan Youth. Also could fit along the lines of modern HC like Violent Minds, Direct Control, Strung up or Amdi Petersens Arme. Either way you look at it, this shit definetly RIPS! (Crucial Attack)

CITIZENS PATROL- "SICK ROUTINE" e.p.- We are happy to bring you CITIZENS PATROL's debut to vinyl. Here we have 10 tracks of in your face fucking hardcore punk from the Netherlands. Short songs that never let up for one second, the whole time. The influence is obvious- early 80's Hardcore punk, but they add so much fresh energy and drive to it all. Fans of the old and fans of the new we'll have their heads spinning saying "What just happened?" when the record is over (No Way)



ARTiST....: Crossed Eyes
TiTLE.....: Rattled 7 Inch
LABEL.....: Sorry State Records
GENRE.....: Punk Rock
SOURCE....: Vinyl
ENCODER...: LAME 3.97 -V2 --Vbr-New
BiTRATE...: VBRkbps
RiP DATE..: 12-Oct-2007

##. Track Title Time

01. Rattled 02:07
02. 89th Anthem For The Walking Dead 02:06
03. Broke Bike 02:18
04. Scottish Pop 02:28
Total Time 08:59

mp3 VO - CER7IV27U.rar

Crossed Eyes: Rattled EP - Raleigh's Crossed Eyes (who, incidentally, share a bassist with Cross Laws) are somethinig a little different for Sorry State, but this EP is so damn amazing that I couldn't resist the offer to put it out. It's like Crossed Eyes took all of my favorite punk subgenres and put them into a blender of awesomeness... there are elements of Lookout!-style pop punk, '77 British stuff, US hardcore and even a little '60s influence here and there, but somehow it all comes out sounding seamless and original. Seriously, this disc will make you feel like you're 16 again, hearing Singles Going Steady for the first time. Recommended for fans of the Zero Boys, Marked Men and peak-period Screeching Weasel.


ARTiST....: Cross Laws
TiTLE.....: Ancient Rites EP 7 Inch
LABEL.....: Sorry State Records
GENRE.....: Hardcore
SOURCE....: Vinyl
ENCODER...: LAME 3.97 -V2 --Vbr-New
BiTRATE...: VBRkbps
RiP DATE..: 19-Oct-2007

##. Track Title Time

01. End of My Fuse 01:18
02. Citizens Arrest 00:49
03. Warning Signs 01:27
04. Ancient Rites 01:14
05. Jokes On Me 01:13
06. The Relic 01:30
Total Time 07:31

mp3 VO - CLARE7IV27U.rar

Cross Laws: Ancient Rites EP - After 2 much-talked-about EPs, North Carolina's Cross Laws are back with another 6-song slab of ferocious hardcore. Yeah, they're still fast and mean as fuck, but this time the riffs are a little more complex and melodic, bringing to mind Totalitar, Poison Idea and occasionally even Articles of Faith. Fuck all of the soundalike bands, this is raw, in-your-face hardcore.

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Artist : See You In Hell
Album : Utok
Source : LP
Year : 2007
Genre : Hardcore
Label : Insane Society/Phobia

Url : http://www.seeyouinhell.cz/

Encoder : J River Media Center 12.0.318
Codec : lame 3.97 -V 0 --vbr-new
Quality : VBR, average 285kbps, joint stereo

ID3-Tag : Yes, Version 1

Included : This Info-File (NFO)
Check File (SFV)
Playlist (M3U)

01 (3:28) Dny (Days)
02 (2:08) Lovna Zver (Hunted Animals)
03 (2:29) Utok (Attack)
04 (2:26) Jen Mrtvy Dech (But A Dead Breath)
05 (2:09) Bod Zlomu (Breakpoint)
06 (2:27) Nocni Mury (Nightmares)
07 (2:40) Bezmocnost (Helplessness)
08 (3:03) Pohreb Zaziva (Buried Alive)

Playing Time : 20:50
Total Size : 42,6 MB

Vinyl Rip - mp3 VO


This other it's a rip of the cd. I think that it's a better rip, unless by the standard listener, with more powerfull sound and higher volume. The rip info it's the standard for scene releases

CD Rip - mp3 VO

Releasenotes: Second full length, fast, raw and 100% full-on energy hardcore/punk from Brno. (Selfmadegood Records)

"The second LP (title appropriately translates to "Attack!") from this fast, raw, and powerful hardcore band from Brno, Czech Republic. Imagine classic Swedish style d-beat KÕng with the precision execution of DEATHSIDE and GAUZE. They show an amazing amount of restraint in not putting the guitar sound entirely up front and avoiding the whole "wall of sound" approach - meaning more like WORLD BURNS TO DEATH and less TRAGEDY." (Threat To Existence Records)

Finally a new full lengh from this long going czech old school hardcore thrash combo. Mix old UK Crust with the distortion and insanity of old classic Japcore and you get a slight point of the hell inferno this folx manage to unleash. Hence the rage and impact of music they unload on this release... the front cover image file under the most odd and stupid i saw recently. Reminds me of that incredible and horrible piece of Marald from the WOLFBRIGADE D Beat Odyssey!... such screaming cliche eh?...whos idea was that!!! Come on... (Ruinnation)

"Utok" means "attack" and that's exactly what this is! Following up their great "Umet se Prodat" LP with another great piece of powerful Czech crustcore. Brutal, powerful, fast, and harsh. They're not as Japan-influenced on this as before, but they have not lost their ability to write raging and memorable songs on bit. Czech in your face raw punk! (Attack Fanzine)

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Thrashington D.C. - To Live And Die In B.M.O (2007)

Artist : Thrashington D.C.
Album : To Live And Die In B.M.O.
Year : 2007
Label : La FÚe Verte
Source : Vinyl
Encoder : Unknown
Codec : LAME 3.97
Bitrate : VBR ~282K/s 44100Hz Stereo
ID3-Tag : ID3v2.3

Track Listing
1. This Is Brest Metropole Oceane Not Venice Beach (0:46)
2. Loser Get A Life (1:53)
3. Bmo By Bus (0:53)
4. Negative Youth (1:09)
5. Banned In BMO (1:07)
6. Kill My Boss (1:36)
7. Littering (0:18)
8. Egg Raid On Mojo (1:09)
9. Kids For Life (0:55)
10. Rock Against (0:19)
11. Losers On A Mission (1:34)
12. I Hate Your Friends (1:30)
13. Rafou It's Time To Break (1:02)
14. Untrue Till Death (1:02)
15. Destroy The Scene (0:49)
16. Bottled Violence (1:25)

Total Playing Time: 17:33 (min:sec)
Total Size : 39,5 MB (41.449.938 bytes)

Listen and/or download at Thrashington D.C. Bandcamp

DivShare File - TDC27TLADIBMOrar.rar


Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast hardcore from France. Including a Minor Threat and a Beastie Boys(!) cover.

Brest, Rainiest town in France, Fall 2005, from the ashes of their previous bands five kids decided the time was right to put some fun back in the hardcore scene that had became so dull and clean. First thing : choose a name ! They thought of calling themselvers No Time To Lose, but it was already taken by an obscure French band, nevermind they finally made their minds for Thrashington D.C., way much cooler isn't it? Then, choose a style and try to fit in it! Somewhere between fast punk and rock'n'roll, as if The Explosion got fucked by Limp Wrist... Thrashington DC went on with recording songs which were released on a cd-r with Spitfast from Japan (on Kawaii Records), playing a lot of shows in France and even Belgium in 2006. They recorded their first album "To Live and Die in BMO" to be released in April 2007 on La FÚe Verte. And as a consecration of their hard work they will be playing at the Free Edge Fest 3 in June 2007. The show must go on!