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ARTiST.......: citizens patrol
ALBUM........: untitled
GENRE........: hardcore TRACKS...: 09
RELEASE DATE.: 03/30/2007 SiZE.....: 10,5 MB
YEAR.........: 2006 SOURCE...: cdda
LABEL........: n/a PLAYTiME.: 07:45 min
QUALiTY......: VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / joint-stereo

01. start the slaughter 01:11
02. c.o.p. 00:36
03. in control 00:31
04. down the drain 01:11
05. shit for the brains 00:44
06. no time left 00:56
07. for the cause 00:40
08. serve who, protect what? 00:47
09. the end of the world 01:09

Total: 07:45 min

mp3 VO


Citizens Patrol - Dead Children EP
Genre ..........: Hardcore
Release Date ...: 2008-07-22
Store Date .....: 2008-00-00
Catnum .........: NW-31/CA-08
Label ..........: No Way Records/Crucial Attack
Source .........: Vinyl
Playtime .......: 0h 06min total
Encoder ........: LAME 3.97 (-V2 --vbr-new)
Bitrate ........: 212 kbps avg
Size ...........: 9.57 MB

Title Time
1.I Want To Be Boring 0:48
2.Dead Children 0:41
3.Life On Repeat 1:05
4.I'm A Wreck 1:15
5.Hamburger Man 0:47
6.Terrorist Attack 1:37

Citizens Patrol- Dead Children
Another record by these guys in a relatively short time to coincide with their recent US tour. I liked their first 7", and naturally this sounds pretty similar, so I'm into it. Some of the lyrics are a little weird ("Hamburger Man"?), but English isn't their native language, so maybe cut em a little slack.(

Sorry for not add more reviews and/or comments but i'm not in the mood to look for it, but i want to publish it. Probably most of the people looking here already know how good Citizens Patrol are

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ARTiST.......: the_shining
ALBUM........: the_word_is_fiction
GENRE........: hardcore TRACKS...: 08
RELEASE DATE.: 05/29/2007 SiZE.....: 17,0 MB
YEAR.........: 2006 SOURCE...: vinyl
LABEL........: DP (or not dp PLAYTiME.: 10:22 min
QUALiTY......: VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / joint-stereo

a1. koopziek 00:55
a2. got it lost it 01:25
a3. last words 01:09
a4. farce 01:09
b1. the word 01:27
b2. it's your choice 00:55
b3. definition of stupidity.. 01:27
b4. luchtkastelen 01:55
Total: 10:22 min

theshiningthrash.bandcamp-the word is fiction

The Shining plays loud and fast hardcore. They like BGK and The Accused and stuff like that, and hope you do too. This is a co-release with Underground Punk Support, Pick Up Records and Team Welfare Records.

THE SHINING-The Word Is Fiction (Pick Up/multi-label, 7” EP)
The second off-the-rails ripper for The Shining. This disc is packaged in an elaborate gatefold sleeve and the music is just as striking. Hell, if it came in a plain white sleeve, I’d feel the same way. Fast, ferocious hardcore punk, a whiff of crossover and hitting all the right buttons. The tinny-to-loud transition to start “Koopziek” is followed by a high-powered rampage that doesn’t let up. I could use even more hyperbole, like saying that smoke is coming from the needle but I think you get the idea. (Suburban Voice/Amp magazine; Al Quint)

This is the second shiny black and white gatefold sleeve I've reviewed this this the new thing? Did i not get the memo? Rip roaring euro core with a slight (very slight) metallic edge. Like COC or the Accused, they have that searing guitar sound and that speed metal riffage coupled with hardcore vocals. Nice to see some folks with a different sound that really works; Good shit (TB)(Maximum Rock'n'Roll)

The Word is Fiction: 7" EP
Warp-speed thrash from the Netherlands here. There's just a tinge of metal in the guitars, but it fits in quite nicely with the overall sound. –Jimmy Alvarado (Pick-Up)(Razorcake Fanzine)

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Shredder - Damnit Riggs
Genre ..........: Hardcore
Release Date ...: 2006-09-14
Store Date .....: 2006-00-00
Catnum .........:
Label ..........: Eye Spy Records
Source .........: CD
Bitrate ........: 242 kbps avg
Size ...........: 14 megs
Playtime .......: 0h 07min total

Title Time
1. Domesticate 0:41
2. Down Town Syndrome 0:35
3. Probotector 0:41
4. Monster Jam 0:36
5. Go To Hell 0:33
6. Swallow This! 0:27
7. Asslightening 1:09
8. Fool 0:52
9. The Burninator 2:12

mp3 VO

Third release by Bruges trasher Shredder! It's a perfect
continuation of their previous work. Very fast-paced hardcore!
If you like this, check out the self-titled we released from
this band earlier.
If you like it, buy it.


Shredder - Damnit Riggs
posted by: Nico on 25 October 2006

I thought the first release was pretty good, but this release blows me out of the water. Still the same mix of Negative Approach, Voorhees and Infest but way better and harder than on their previous release. This mini cd contains nine shredding songs, one that is a bit slower and has a dragging taste to it. The lyrics are angry and deal with subjects such as fighting and being pissed at everyone, also a great song about Monster Trucks. The artwork is good and the production is hard hitting and crushing. After only a few minutes the record is done, luckily I have a repeat button, because this is the music to listen to while driving on the highway. After a great LP by Sunpower earlier this year, another Belgium bands delivers an old school record Belgium can be proud of. I could write more about this release, but the best thing to do is check out for yourself!

The cd version is released by Eye Spy records and High Five and Holy Shit records released the 7” version. (


ARTiST.......: milkman
ALBUM........: nostalgiator
GENRE........: hardcore TRACKS...: 24
RELEASE DATE.: 10/31/2007 SiZE.....: 48,1 MB
YEAR.........: 2007 SOURCE...: cdda
LABEL........: Shield Record PLAYTiME.: 28:05 min
QUALiTY......: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo

01. intro 00:59
02. true hardcore 01:12
03. cup of punk 01:22
04. draagbaar nederland 01:38
05. backache 01:11
06. four letter word starting with f 00:43
07. stille toch 01:01
08. justice? 01:42
09. wie zaait, zal oogsten 00:54
10. death decision 01:04
11. saving private rambo 01:15
12. ben ik te punk? 00:55
13. back to iraq 01:56
14. cycosomatic / nostalgiator 01:27
15. feel the greatness 01:10
16. writer's block 01:03
17. again and raging 00:57
18. cool as ice 01:00
19. join the army 01:36
20. the day god died 01:28
21. sundeath 00:22
22. boos 01:15
23. don't cry for me, political arena 01:26
24. lemmings (marching their deaths) 00:29

Total: 28:05 min

mp3 VO

MilkMan is our Tilburg based 80’s hardcore band from the Netherlands. Once there was a hardcore band called S.R.V. There also was a hardcore band called Kutnaam 1001. It was in the mid-80's era that we and lots of other hardcore bands played in local venues like the BatCave. Ten years later (1994) Kutnaam 1001-vocalist Meeri joined forces with the three S.R.V.-members. From that moment on we existed as MilkMan. The reason for getting together was simple. People didn’t know the real hardcore-music anymore. A lot of young people thought hardcore was all about jumping around on stage. They didn’t know anymore they had to dive off and hit the concrete. So we decided to start a band and show what we thought real hardcore is all about: have fun, drink a beer (before straight edge was invented) and above all be who you are. We started rehearsing and worked on our own material. This resulted in the demo "It's Not a Choice" (1995) and our first cd "Combover World" (1998). Loud, fast and tight was going to be our motto. We played our first gigs and appeared on a couple of compilations. In 2000 Kangaroo Records from Amsterdam started to show interest in the band. Having a reputation for releasing loud and fast hardcore we felt it would be the perfect label for us. In 2001 Kangaroo released our second cd “Fresh Fruit For Rotten Aliens”. The music was the most brutal music we’ve ever made. The reactions to the cd were very good and the MilkMan name started to spread further and further, resulting in more compilations (a.o. the official DRI tribute cd) and a split single with Dutch band Plankton. Live the band is becoming tighter and tighter from playing a lot of shows. Live MilkMan means no nonsense, let the music do the talking, full speed ahead shows. So far we played with bands like D.R.I., UK Subs, Cause for Alarm, Poison Idea, Pro-Pain, M.D.C. and the Anti Nowhere League. In January of 2003 we took off for our first European tour. Together with American label mates Out Cold we played 10 shows in countries like Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovak Republic and Czech Republic. The tour once again making us tighter and even more dedicated to spread our music over the world of fast hardcore. Early 2003 we released our third album, “Is this Punk enough for you?”, again on the Kangaroo label. Harder, faster, louder, better than ever before! 21 bursting songs in 24 minutes. For the first time the album has been released not only on cd, but also on vinyl. The coming period we'll be working on new songs which we hope to record sometime soon and do a lot more shows.

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SHORT FAST AND LOUD FEST, Tilburg, 2008-10-04

Con un nombre como este y unos grupos como los que tocan, tenia que anunciar este festi.
En los siguientes posts pondre algunos discos que tengo de algunos de los grupos que tocan. Sera un cd de Milkman, un ep de Shredder (¿alguien tiene algo mas de ellos?), un ep de The Shining, la demo y el ultimo ep de Citizens Patrol y un ep y un lp de Civil Terror

Si alguien tiene y puede postear algun otro disco de alguno de los grupos que no he oido, puedes dejar el enlace en los comentarios
Los grupos de los que no tengo nada son Lifespite, AxSxH, Waking The Dead, Frightning Fiction y Cracks In The Wall. De Reproach solo tengo el split E.P. con A.N.S. que supongo que posteare, y Seein Red me parece que ya son lo suficientemente conocidos, y que no sera dificil conseguir cosas suyas en internet.

12 grupos, 10 minutos por grupo, buena manera de pasar un sabado a la tarde.... Que suerte los que puedan ir!!!

With a name like that and this line-up of bands, i'd to post this festival.
The next posts will be with some records of some of the bands playing. One Milkman cd, Shredder ep (someone with some other record of them?), The Shining ep, Citizen's Patrol demo and last ep and Civil Terror ep and lp
If someone have and want and/or can post some record of the bands i haven't heard, please leave a link in the comments.
The bands i don't have anything are Lifespite, AxSxH, Waking The Dead, Frightning Fiction y Cracks In The Wall. I only have one half record of Reproach (the split ep with A.N.S.), and i think that Seein Red are well know and it's not too hard to get their stuff in the web

12 bands, 10 minutes sets, what a good way to spend a saturday afternoon... Lucky ones who can go !!! Enjoy it!!!

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ARTiST : Concrete Facelift
ALBUM : Uuaaggghhh
LABEL : FNS Records
GENRE : Hardcore

RELEASE : 2006-02-03
STREET : 2006-01-27

QUALiTY : 210kbps avg / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
SiZE : 8 MB
PLAYTiME : 00:05:08


[#] [Track Name] [Time]

1. Godzilla 0:58
2. Think Free 1:06
3. Face Lift 0:42
4. Uuaaggghhh 0:39
5. Greed War 1:00
6. I'll Skate Your Face 0:43

mp3 VO

Concrete Facelift bring fast traditional skate-core to the masses. CFL play it
like it should be, fast simple, creative and fucking passionate without the
metal wanking and showboating that dominates the skate-core landscape today.

Si te gusto el cd, te gustara este ep

If you liked the cd, you'll like this one

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ARTIST: Ripping Headache
TITLE: Selftitled
LABEL: Adult Crash
GENRE: Hardcore
BITRATE: 171 kbps avg
RELEASE DATE: 2008-00-00
RIP DATE: 2008-09-06
ENCODER: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new

Track List

1. where did it go 1:19
2. way too far 1:44
3. night of the motherfucker 0:54
4. alkohol 1:22
5. lies 1:21
6. out for blood 1:22
7. kaerlighed og had 1:19
8. ignored 1:24

mp3 VO

Release Notes:

Fast and frantic K-Town hardcore punk. Reminds me of early Mid-Western US hc mixed with the more thrashy European mid 80's feel


No Way:
8 Tracks of old school Mid west HC mixed with thrashy euro hardcore from Copenhagen, Denmark - Home to so many good bands. If you're a fan of the 1st Violent Minds ep, this is right up your alley. Pissed off hardcore for pissed off punks. Awesome cover art too.

New on Adult Crash records, successor label to Kick N Punch, this is K town hardcore as you would expect it. Fast and furious in the early Dischord style. For those of you who feel the copenhagen bands got a little too melodic, here is a return to form that will reinvigorate your enthusiasm for this cities raging hardcore scene.

MRR #303, August 2008:
Fuck yes! RIPPING HEADACHE from Copenhagen, Denmark tears you a new asshole on his current EP! The men administer brutal guitar pain and crush you with a vicious vocal attack. Ferocious bass playing and monster drumming pound you into the ground like a tent stake! RIPPING HEADACHE write s good lyrics. Read some of the words to "Way too far": "All that bullshit you put inside our heads / Sometime, somewhere, you knew we had to break....once again, too blind to see / You helped build your worst enemy / War and terror makes me want to laugh / Hope this generation is going to be the last." Yes sir! That's disheartening shit! This is a great record, punks! Get your copy now! (BR)

Record Shop Base:
From the Denmark's passionate place, Copenhagen's "K-Town", the birth place of the Gorilla Angreb, Hjertestop, Death Token of those hot bands, here comes the "Ripping Headache' s new comming single of 2008!!! With the Crasy Rocking Fast Hard core punk with the hint of US Midwest HC-80x Euro Trash Hc mix, it is just so cool!! Eight track!! Released from the new Copenhagen born label "Adult Crash Records"!! The first 2008 EP from this band from Denmark with the US's raw HC thrash taste!! Fast HC punkrock with the Rough and Powerful, speedy, Eye catching but yet unrefined. If you see the cover image, and if it makes you curious, than you shoud give it a check!!


TITLE: Sick of Fun
LABEL: Stress Domain
GENRE: Hardcore
BITRATE: 189 kbps avg
RELEASE DATE: 2008-00-00
RIP DATE: 2008-09-06
ENCODER: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new

Track List

1. Rhythm Syndrom - fatal error 0:28
2. critical picnic - right cuz im right wing 0:44
3. coke bust - because of the label 0:45
4. no thanks - are you ready to die 0:48
5. born bad - cop out 0:36
6. socialcide - you are not so tough 0:39
7. ribzy - i wanted to kill you 0:39
8. ecoli - mung 0:36
9. valoids - bash┤em 0:40
10. reprobates - year of the magical pig over Berlin 0:45
11. broken needle - america 0:59
12. shanghai surprise - get out 0:45
13. fratboys - untitled 0:29
14. warboy - so you are an antichrist 0:55
15. doghart trio - dogs eat shit 0:11

mp3 VO

Release Notes:
With 15 bands crammed onto this 7" you know there's no fucking around, and everyone keeps it fast, short and to the point... the best bands even contribute exclusive tracks. Includes Reprobates, Socialcide, Born Bad, Ecoli, Coke Bust and even a couple of old bands like No Thanks and Ribzy. Fucking killer, blazing hardcore from front to back on this one (Sorry State Records)

15 bands jam packed onto this awesome 7" comp! Some of the best up and coming hardcore bands (and some old ones too!) on this slab,Including: Born Bad, Socialcide, No Thanks, Coke Bust, Reprobates, Ribzy, Ecoli, Broken Needle, and tons more. Every track is a ripper! (Grave mistake Records)

This 7" comp from Stress Domain Records features some of the best hardcore punk bands around today, including Broken Needle, Coke Bust, Born Bad, Ecoli, Socialcide and a bunch more, all cranking out fast, energetic, early-'80s inspired tunes.(RevHQ)