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Fy Fan - Ah Nej
Genre ..........: Hardcore
Storedate ......: 2009-00-00
Label ..........: Adult Crash
Catnum .........: Adult Crash #7
Source .........: Vinyl (7")
Playtime .......: 0h 08min total

Encoder ........: LAME 3.97 (-V2 --vbr-new)
Bitrate ........: 211 kbps avg
Size ...........: 12.33 MB

Title Time
1. Snick Snack 1:09
2. Vem Pallar Bry Sig? 1:07
3. Vastgotaknall 1:14
4. Vi Har Gett Oss Ratten 0:40
5. Nitlott 1:05
6. Kleptokrat Moderat 1:25
7. Bonus Track 1:26
..... 08:06

mp3 V0

Release Notes
2nd 7" from Swedish hardcore band Fy Fan.
Somewhere between early drunken swedish käng and classic catchy hardcore

If you like it, buy it.


Looking for some more info on the Capitalist Casualties tour, i've found that one of my favourite bands (Government Warning)it's gonna come to Europe, so again, i can't resist to put the dates, so some more people know it.

Right now i'm gonna put only the dates, but i'll be editing the post from time to time with more info and maybe some records

Di. 19.05.2009 Mainz - Haus Mainusch
Mi. 20.05.2009 Mülheim - Az (w/ chuck damage, vogue, and toxic revolution)
Do. 21.05.2009 Munich - Get Rowdy Festival (w/ high society, driving the salt, rush ..n attack, and masshysteri)
Fr. 22.05.2009 Milano - Leoncavallo
Sa. 23.05.2009 Bologna - Atlantide
So. 24.05.2009 Barcelona - Sala Rock Sound (w/ insomnio)
Mo. 25.05.2009 Saint Etienne - L'Assomoir
Di. 26.05.2009 Freiburg - Kts
Mi. 27.05.2009 Paris - La Mécanique Ondulatoire
Do. 28.05.2009 Kortrijk - The Pits (w/ citizens patrol)
Fr. 29.05.2009 Amsterdam - Occii (w/ citizens patrol and sick mormons)
Sa. 30.05.2009 Brighton - Westhill (w/ violent arrest and the shitty limits)
So. 31.05.2009 Mannheim - Juz Festival (w/ vogue, sick mormons, sniffing glue, just went black, gewapned beton, brainworms, and antlers)
Mo. 01.06.2009 Leipzig - Zoro (w/ inepsy and ramming speed)
Di. 02.06.2009 Berlin - Koma F (w/ ramming speed)
Mi. 03.06.2009 Hamburg - Onkel Otto (EARLY SHOW w/ criminal damage)
Mi. 03.06.2008 Hamburg - Rote Flora (REGULAR SHOW w/ idle hands and the inside job)
Do. 04.06.2008 Malmö - Utkanten
Fr. 05.06.2008 Copenhagen - Dödsmaskinen (w/ hjertestop and night fever)
Sa. 06.06.2008 Bielefeld - Ajz (w/ dean dirg, brat pack, mindfucked)
So. 07.06.2008 Nuremberg - Kunstverein (w/ civil victim)

Both bands will have new records soon, probably for the tour. New lp and 7" for Government Warning, and new lp and a reedition of their 2 eps for Wasted Time

And now the first ep's of both bands. I suppose that many of you already have 'em, and if not i encourage you to buy 'em, but in case you want to listen 'em before, here they're


Government Warning - No Way Out

Date : Jul-16-2005
Ripper : COR CREW
Genre : Hardcore
Label : No Way Records
Source : Vinyl
Size : 16,3 MB
Bitrate: VBRKbps/44,1Khz
Mode : Joint-Stereo

01 Railroaded 01:23
02 Blank 01:05
03 Government Warning 02:07
04 Walking Dead 02:15
05 Ghost Town 01:13
06 Self Destruct 02:15

Total Playing Time : 10:18 min 

mp3 VO

The newest release from the center of everywhere, the middle of nowhere. Raging hardcore punk from memembers of Direct Control that is self described as the Adolescents meets Koro. We're not gonna argue with that. This platter shrrreds.


Artist: Wasted Time
Album: Wasted Time EP
Genre : Hardcore
Year : 2005
Grabber : J River Media Center v.13.0.145
Encoder : lame 3.97
Quality : VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Songs : 08
Playtime : 10:12 min
Company : Grave Mistake Records
Size : 20,3 MB
Streetdate : 00-000-2005
Type : EP
Language : English
Catalognr : GM13

01.Shameless [02:10]
02.I'm surrounded by winners [00:58]
03.Wolf in sheers clothing [01:17]
04.We're done for [01:09]
05.Can't go back [01:00]
06.Stranger [01:13]
07.Kill the hype [00:59]
08.No man's tool [01:26]
10:12 min 

Listen at Grave Mistake Bandcamp

mp3 VO

Debut EP from Virginia Beach's own WASTED TIME. Eight blistering tracks of fast and furious early 80's influenced hardcore, quite reminiscent of early POISON IDEA with a hint of Boston hardcore influence ala NEGATIVE FX / SSD. Recorded in the same session as their four song demo, if you were able to get a hold of that this summer, then you know exactly what to expect ... nonstop fast and ugly hardcore mayhem.