martes, 20 de noviembre de 2007


Source: Vinyl Rip Date: Nov-07-2007
Label: Sewercide Size: 10,10 MB
Year: 2007 Bitrate: VBRKbps
Genre: Hardcore Encoder: Lame 3.97 Final
Url: n/a


01 G.S.D 00:40
02 Girl Troubles 01:27
03 Suicide 01:08
04 5-0 01:04
05 Boring Life 01:06
06 I Can t Take This 00:58
Total Playing Time: 06:23 min

mp3 VO - CISTV27C.rar


Canada's CRIMINAL INTENT bust out on thier debut ep with 6 fast and furious HC rippers, and they never let up for a second. Killer fucking HC with a strong NYHC sound (Armed Citizens, Urban Waste, Cause For Alarm, Abused) but with a killer early CANADIAN feel too (STRETCH MARKS, UNWANTED CHRONIC SUBMISSION)

Debut 7" from this band of young Canadian punks. This is raw, in-your-face, early 80s-sounding hardcore... you can tell that these kids aren't trying to meticulously re-create a sound from yesteryear, they're just letting off their adolescent rage. The vocals are particularly great, recalling SOA-era Henry Rollins. A definite keeper with cool packaging to boot! Sewercide Records. (Sorry State Records)

The first release on Dave from Career Suicide's new SEWERCIDE label! 6 songs of ripping & distorted fast old school hardcore that's perfect for all you weiner kids who listen to that stuff religiously. Very similar to early Boston, DC and NY hardcore. One time only press of 500, in awesome hand cut and assembled pocket sleeves. You will regret missing out on this one. (Grave Mistake Records)

Canada's CRIMINAL INTENT bust out on thier debut ep with 6 fast and furious HC rippers, and they never let up for a second. You may remember their demo if you ordered it from us, and this picks up right where that left off. Killer fucking HC with a strong NYHC sound (Armed Citizens, Urban Waste, Cause For Alarm, Abused) but with a killer early CANADIAN feel too (STRETCH MARKS, UNWANTED, CHRONIC SUBMISSION). It's just all around a damn good HC record. Killer hand glued pocket sleeves with a real old school feel is always great. Get it while ya can, there's only 500 made and don't think there's gonna be a repress! SEWERCIDE RECORDS (No Way Records)


ARTiST...[ anti you
ALBUM....[ pig city life-7 Inch
LABEL....[ Punks Before Profits
GENRE....[ Hardcore
CAT.NUM..[ 35
RiP.DATE.[ Nov-09-2007
SOURCE...[ Vinyl
ENCODER..[ LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
TRACKS...[ 07
QUALiTY..[ VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
SUPPLiER.[ plankster /TN


01 pig city 00:16
02 stare at the wall 00:31
03 i'd rather be crucified (than listen to you) 00:26
04 ball out 00:40
05 problem child 00:50
06 control 00:38
07 hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing (discharge) 01:08
TOTAL TiME: 04:29 min

mp3 VO - AYPCL7IV27T.rar

This is some old timers from Italy playing some in your face hardcore. They are like the CIRCLE JERKS on crack faster tougher and better. If you like hardcore then this is the 7" for you. Don t miss out we are only doing 500 of each of these records and no repress EVER. Each record will be hand screened on one side and music on the other

from: MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL n.292 - sept. 2007

Absolutely ripping early '80 style hardcore from Italy. Easily up there in caliber with the top current bands playing this style, like GOVERNMENT WARNING, CAREER SUICIDE and DIRECT CONTROL. The speed and power of SS DECONTROL, with the hooks of ARTICLES OF FAITH, this shit really is worth tracking down. The production is so authentic I had to check if it was from now!!! To top off an already ripping record they do one of the best DISCHARGE covers I've heard in years... I kid you not!!! Fuck this is great. (TB)

from: EQUALIZING DISTORT magazine and radio

ANTI YOU "Pig City Life" 7"

It's been a month for killer records. Ryan from Punx Before Prifits births this crazy bastard of a 7". Ripping early 80's USHC with a double infusion of speed from this Italian band. Speed, power, hooks all wrapped up in 7 songs. As much as this band sounds like 80 wannabe contemporaries they turn up the speed. They end it all with a great DISCHARGE cover. As much as the hand screened b side looks great I would gladly trade it in for 7 more songs.


OH MY GOD! This ep has been kicking our asses all over the place here at NO WAY HQ! 7 songs in probably less than 7 minutes. And it's on ONE SIDE OF A RECORD! Never EVER has anyone ever done a better one sided record. Usually it's some bullshit emo! This is some raging fuckin hardcore punk- and from ITALY at that! These dudes haul ass through some fast as fuck hardcore, fuck the comparisons, this stuff is the shit. Fast, catchy, old school and tough as fuck. I think we may be doing their lp in the states before they come over here, we'll see what happens! YOU NEED THIS RECORD! NUFF SAID!



ARTiST....: Fy Fan
TiTLE.....: Fy Fan 7 Inch
LABEL.....: Feral Ward
GENRE.....: Hardcore
SOURCE....: Vinyl
ENCODER...: LAME 3.97 -V2 --Vbr-New
BiTRATE...: VBRkbps
RiP DATE..: 28-Sep-2007

##. Track Title Time

01. Levande Lik 01:24
02. Arbetslos Inte Dum I Huvdet 01:09
03. Med Gud Pa Din Sida 01:13
04. Aftrubbad 01:12
05. Politi(K) 01:03
06. Pissefjang 00:54
Total Time 06:55

mp3 VO - FFFF7IV27U.rar

"Killer fuckin raw swedish HC on FERAL WARD RECORDS. Brand new, hot of the damn presses- these dudes kick major ass- TOTALITAR style but with their own take on the swedish Dis- Style. This has an even more mean edge though, like MODERAT LIKVIDATION! For fans of MEANWHILE, TOTALITAR, VARUKERS- you know what you're getting, it rules." - No Way Records

"Holy shit, this rules! I had no expectations when I put this 7" on and it straight up blew me away. Fy Fan are from Sweden and sound a LOT like Totalitar, but with an old US punk / Kick N Punch Records-style edge that makes the whole thing sound really unique. Seriously, if you love Totalitar as much as I do then you NEED this record. Highest possible recommendation. Feral Ward Records." - Sorry State Records

"This might be my 1 pick for the month ... fast and furious swedish style. Part Totalitar, part Skitkids, part 80's Swedish hardcore. Recorded by Tommas Svendsen (Gorilla Angreb, Amde Petersens Arme). No bullshit in your face punk." - Grave Mistake Records