lunes, 7 de abril de 2008


A Warm Gun - Panic In the Face Of Time
Genre ..........: Hardcore
Release Date ...: 2008-03-13
Store Date .....: 2007-10-00
Catnum .........: YD 063
Label ..........: Yellow Dog
Source .........: CD
Playtime .......: 0h 17min total

Encoder ........: LAME 3.97 (-V2 --vbr-new)
Bitrate ........: 225 kbps avg
Size ...........: 28.41 MB

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Release Notes

Hard hitting, fast, thrashing hardcore. The lyrics range from the rage of working class people to disgust of the death portrayed by the media every day. From Baltimore MA.

On Yellow Dog Records is "Panic in the Face of Time", from Baltimore, MD's A Warm Gun, who I had never heard of before. They blaze through 13 tracks of short, fast, furious hardcore/punk in less than 20 minutes - with a grinding metallic edge that amps up the heaviness and gives the album a different sort of vibe as a whole. Only one track passes the two-minute mark, but they're definitely building upon an array of influences, from old school NYHC sounding power chords to straightforward fast blasting rhythms or the occasional tinge of sinister dissonance. The lead vocals also have a unique sound to 'em, with an aggressive sort of snarl that doesn't take things over the top - granted there are also some fierce high-end sneers (and sparse low growls) that, when present, definitely lean more towards a grindcore sort of aesthetic. I don't really care for the cover art at all (the material deserves something a bit more… I don't know… fitting, I suppose), but the recording is nice and crisp and the writing/performances are right on the mark. I have no idea if this is the band's first "full-length" or what, but I'll be curious to see where they end up. Not bad! (

Baltimores thrashers blow you away!! fucking fast and brutal old school hc trax, with some harsh metal influence (

Ever since the first bands who started to play rougher and harder music leading up to metal and punk there has been a continuously growing smorgasbord of influences for bands to pick up on, and A Warm Gun are a hungry bunch grabbing a little of pretty much everything. The core here is short, fast, and loud hardcore but with some metal guitars, some metal vocals, some crusty as well as thrashy riffs, ditto drumming with some blast beats here and there… It took a while for me to get into this and a bit longer before I could come to terms with the vocals, but now that I have I realize that this stuff isn't bad at all.
The opening tracks start out quite heavy and then rapidly double the speed and anger just to seconds later go into some groovy breakdowns. This is the deal all throughout - interchanging and varied I mean, not repeating the first track. Personally I think A Warm Gun are great when they lower the tempo and deliver their frustration with a little rhythm. The faster parts are raging no doubt, but don't offer the same uniqueness one could hope for. But again, the variation and combination of different styles make this record quite unique as a whole and that's what counts. They're not really treading new ground and won't name a genre, but if you want some grind-thrash-crust-metal-fast-core that's being done good this is the band to turn to. (