domingo, 27 de enero de 2008

No mas descargas hasta el 16 de febrero/No more downloads until february 16th

Divshare ha puesto un limite de descarga para las cuentas gratuitas de 50GB al mes. Hace 2 dias estaba en el 30% mas o menos y hoy me encuentro con que esta al 100%. Sorprendemente hay por lo menos un disco que ha sido descargado mas de 100 veces en estos 2 dias, lo que es bastante extraño, ya que no creo que sea normal ese ritmo de bajadas, pero bueno, habra que tragar con lo que hay y esperar al 16 de Febrero para seguir descargando.

Como este ha sido el primer mes que hacen esto, el mes que viene intentare controlar mas como va el ritmo de descargas, y si esto ha sido una cosa puntual, o si voy a tener el mismo problema todos los meses. En este caso, ya empezare a usar alguna otra pagina, pero por ahora me gustaria seguir usando divshare.
Ya veremos lo que se me ocurre!!!

Lo siento, pero el 16 de febrero esta relativamente cerca

No More Downloads Until February16th

Divshare have put out a limit for dowloads of 50GB/month, and in 2 days my account have passed from 30% to 100%. So, there's no possibility to download more stuff until February 16th

It will depend on how the things go next month, that i'll begin to use other hosting pages or not, but right now i can't think neither in pay, neither in upload to other pages.

Sorry, but remember February 16th is almost near


He visto que no se podra descargar de nuevo hasta el 16 de Febrero, no hasta el 1, como pensaba yo. Asi que imagino que si en unos 10 dias he superado los 50GB, tendre el mismo problema casi todos los meses.
En principio, las posibles novedades imagino que las subire a rapidshare o mediafire (¿alguna otra idea?, y sobre lo que esta en el blog ahora hare lo siguiente:

Si te interesa bajar un disco ponlo en los comentarios de este post e intentare subirlo lo antes posible. Asi solo tengo que subir los discos que interesan y no pierdo el tiempo subiendo cosas que nadie quiere (que con tiempo acabare resubiendo)


I've noticed that divshare won't allow more downloads until February 16th, not until 1, like a thought. So, if in 10 days i've reach the limit, i'll have the same problem every month

So at first, the next new uploads will be to rapidshare or mediafire (any other idea?); and about what it's now in the blog and you can't download, let's make this:

If you want to download some record put it in the comments of this post, and i'll try to upload it ASAP; in this way i'll only have to upload the records that people want, not losing time with records nobody wants now (I'll upload 'em too, but with time)

viernes, 11 de enero de 2008


Padlock - Strike Of Crimson

Genre: Hardcore
Release Date: 2008-01-04
Store Date: 2007-00-00
Catnum: BSR-095
Label: Blood Sucker
Source: CD
Bitrate: 211 kbps avg
Size: 24 megs
Playtime: 0h 15min total


Title Time
1. Hate 2:05
2. Evolution 2:35
3. Recover The Future 1:38
4. Run 2:24
5. Shade Of Solitude 1:56
6. Japanese Title 1:39
7. Reflect 1:32
8. Crimson 1:43

mp3 VO - PSOCJ27h.rar


Speed core from Japan

If you like it, buy it

Full speed core Japanese hardcore punk rock! Their new release, featuring 8 tracks. (

I haven't been able to find more info about them, only in japanese, but they're not Speed Core, they're fast hardcore. Believe me!!!

If you have more info about them, please leave a comment



Idiots Rule - Selftitled

Source : Vinyl Rip Date: 12.23.2007
Label : Hate Records Size : 10,8 MB
Year : 2007 Bitrate : VBRKbps
Genre : Hardcore Encoder : Lame 3.97 Final

Url :


01 Ticking Timebombs 00:52
02 Bergab 00:45
03 Idiots Rule 01:29
04 Immer Schoen Durchschnitt 01:08
05 The Order Of Today 00:56
06 Bleeding Nose 01:12

Total Playing Time : 06:22 min

mp3 VO - IRSVE27C.rar


New german outfit brings us 7 songs of killer US inpspired HC in the vein of early Negative Approach, Agnostic Front but also has catchy elements of Toxic Reasons and Zero Boys in the song writing. Lots of hate as well as enegy and great riffs make for one hell of a release. If you heard their demo and liked it, then you'll shit a brick over this one. Good shit!

IDIOTS RULE - s/t 7" (Hate) EUR 4.00

After the well done 'Demo' these german smoking maniacs went back to the studio and recorded a couple more songs for their debut EP. They deliver 6 tracks of straightforward 80's hardcore with political and personal inyourface lyrics. This one is angry, dirty and straight. If you like the releases on No Way or Deranged Records you should give those german wankers a try! (


Concrete Facelift - Loud Fast Raw

Genre: Hardcore
Release Date: 2008-01-09
Store Date: 2007-00-00
Catnum: OOR008
Label: Overdose On Records
Source: CD
Bitrate: 226 kbps avg
Size: 28 megs
Playtime: 0h 17min total


Title Time
1. 84 0:32
2. Early Morning Struggle 1:00
3. Wasted Again 1:33
4. Double Life 0:33
5. I'm Not Done 1:40
6. Gator 0:58
7. Shit Don't Stink 1:00
8. Bad Karma 1:19
9. Loud, Fast Music 1:58
10. Sneak Attack 1:02
11. Dust Off Your Board 0:57
12. Human Waste 0:52
13. Party Time! 0:49
14. Cellar Dweller 1:52
15. Bonus Track 0:55

mp3 VO - CFLFR27h.rar


These insane skatecore legends hailing straight from Worcester Massachusetts are no strangers to killer releases. With many amazing sold out 7"s under their belt, it's no surprise their first full length CD thrashes even harder. This CD contains songs about getting wasted, parties, skateboarding, and struggling with everday life

Track 15 is unlisted so just named it Bonus Track

If you like it, buy it

Ripping new full-length from this Massachusetts band on Gnarly Slaughter Records. These guys definitely have the crossover thing down... clearly influenced by DRI's Dealing with It LP, they also sound a lot like the early Municipal Waste stuff.(Sorry State Records)

After a pile of 7"s Concrete Facelift finally has a full length CD. Amazing fast hardcore punk! You really need to buy this! you will not be disappointed. ( In this page you can get one 780 x 764 píxeles pic of the cover.