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SOCIAL CIRCKLE Euro-tour 16.10. to 15.11.2009

Social Circkle on tour through Europe. If you're able to check'em, don't loose it

Social Circkle de gira por Europa. Si tienes la posibilidad de verlos no te los pierdas.

European Tour Dates:
Fr. 16.10.2009 Mülheim - AZ
Sa. 17.10.2009 Venlo - Poppodium Perron 55
Live in Venlo

Social Circkle - R'r fest 2009 from DarcyTrash on Vimeo.

So. 18.10.2009 Hamburg - Hafenklang Exil
Mo. 19.10.2009 Kiel - Schaubude
Di. 20.10.2009 Malmö - Utkanten
Mi. 21.10.2009 Gothenburg - Underjorden
Social Circkle live in gothenburg
Do. 22.10.2009 Umea - Verket
Social Circkle live at Verket Umeå 22/10 -09
Fr. 23.10.2009 Stockholm - Kafe 44
Sa. 24.10.2009 Copenhagen - Dödsmaskinen
So. 25.10.2009 Osnabrück - AZ Substanz w/ IDLE HANDS
Mo. 26.10.2009 Brighton - The Greenhouse Effect
Di. 27.10.2009 Leeds - Nation Of Shopkeepers
Mi. 28.10.2009 Glasgow - tba
Do. 29.10.2009 Liverpool - tba
Fr. 30.10.2009 London - The Big Takeover III
Sa. 31.10.2009 Amsterdam - Occii
So. 01.11.2009 Kortrijk - The Pits
Mo. 02.11.2009 Paris - Le Pixi
Di. 03.11.2009 Lyon - tba
Mi. 04.11.2009 Donosti - Mogambo
Do. 05.11.2009 Barcelona - Rock Sound

Fr. 06.11.2009 Bordeaux - L'Hotel Particulier
Sa. 07.11.2009 Nommay - Pinky Bar
So. 08.11.2009 Bologna - Atlantide
Mo. 09.11.2009 Munich - Kafe Kult
Di. 10.11.2009 Nuremberg - Kunstverein
Mi. 11.11.2009 Prague - V Jeleni
Do. 12.11.2009 Vienna - Tüwi
Fr. 13.11.2009 Budapest - Pogo Loco
Sa. 14.11.2009 Leipzig - Liwi
So. 15.11.2009 Berlin - Koma F

Este es el cartel del concierto en el Mogambo pero en vez del dia 5 como pone, es el dia 4 de Noviembre, no os equivoqueis


Social Circkle - City Shock
Genre ..........: Hardcore
Storedate ......: 2009-00-00
Label ..........: No Way Records
Catnum .........: NW-43
Source .........: Vinyl (LP)
Playtime .......: 0h 18min total

Encoder ........: LAME 3.97 (-V2 --vbr-new)
Bitrate ........: 214 kbps avg
Size ...........: 28.23 MB

Title Time
1. City Shock 1:56
2. Finger On The Switch 1:10
3. Third Shift 1:26
4. Vacant Lot 1:09
5. Drunk Cop 1:28
6. What's So Great? 1:57
7. Out Of Focus 2:06
8. Problem Child 1:43
9. Pills 1:16
10. Under Suspicion 2:14
11. So Old 1:52

mp3 V0

Release Notes

The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived, yep- a SOCIAL CIRCKLE LP! Finally, more than just a few songs for our enjoyment. If you've heard their previous 7"s and comp tracks, then you know they are an all around solid hardcore punk band.I think it's safe to say they've outdone themselves here. You'll have to be the judge of that. As for the tunes present here, they've combined melody with speed on all the right levels. You can hear late 70's punk rock from all around the globe as well as intense early 80's HC in their sound. It's another winner from SOCIAL CIRCKLE, and you won't be let down.
If you like it, buy it.

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In Defence Euro Tour 2009

La gira de este grupo me parece un buen motivo para retomar el blog.

28 sep 2009 20:00 LA CANTINE Paris
29 sep 2009 20:00 Little Devil Tilburg
30 sep 2009 20:00 OCCII w/ Birds of a Feather in Amsterdam Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
1 oct 2009 20:00 Crash Landing Records zwolle
2 oct 2009 20:00 Sonic Ballroom Cologne
3 oct 2009 20:00 VILLA ROSENAU Basel
4 oct 2009 20:00 NEED HELP biel
5 oct 2009 20:00 Soap Box Club Laxou
6 oct 2009 20:00 L’Assommoir Pub saint ettaine
7 oct 2009 20:00 Metal Cafe Lyon

8 oct 2009 20:00 Kixkil Ostatua bayonne
9 oct 2009 20:00 Putzuzulo Amets Fabrika zarautz
10 oct 2009 20:00 Gazte Lokala BILBOA
11 oct 2009 20:00 Bola 8 GIJON
12 oct 2009 20:00 CASA DAS ATOCHAS coruna
13 oct 2009 20:00 PIN UP PORTO
15 oct 2009 20:00 Incivic Zone Barcelona

16 oct 2009 20:00 Juze Bolzano/Ritten
17 oct 2009 20:00 Wohnprojekt hagelstrabe(basement) tubingen
18 oct 2009 20:00 Haus Mainusch Mainz

No los he visto todavia, pero estoy convencido de que merecera la pena verles en algun concierto.

Esto es la info promocional del sello, asi que hay que tomarselo con cierta perspectiva pero puede servir de idea



School is now in session; you think you know how to thrash? You are still in preschool my friend. Get ready for some lessons in head banging. The rules are as follows. Don’t be a dick, you must break a sweat, help your fellow dancers and most importantly DO IT IN A CIRCLE. In Defence are not afraid to mix it up, recalling the styling’s of 80’s NYC hardcore, In Defence bring it. There is no tomorrow. Tonight is going to be all out war. These taco punks are here to tear the place down. Catchy thrash is what you’ve got, throw in a break down and keep dancing. Mile a minuet drums, racecar guitar riffs and a vocal presence that will bring you away from the keg in the back corner of the basement. This isn’t your older co- workers hard core, this is still relevant, no car commercials here, just kick you in the teeth hard-core thrash. In Defence is the band you want to listen to, the band you have to see. They are infectious. You are unsure what is going to happen, food fight? Perhaps the biggest pit ever? More stage diving then you can imagine? Actually, does it matter because this is the time of your life. Taco punks unite; pizza has nothing on a taco.


- Release Info -------------------------------------------------------------- -

Artist: In Defence
Album: Into The Sewer
Label: Learning Curve
Playtime: 19:27 min
Genre: Hardcore
Rip date: 2009-09-28
Street date: 2009-09-01
Size: 30.78 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 208 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- -

New full-length from Twin Cities taco punks In Defence, taking their cues
from old school thrash and hardcore.

- Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

01. Lessons In Headbanging ( 2:14)
02. Into The Sewer ( 1:51)
03. Straight-Edge Hangover ( 1:15)
04. Call More Dudes Part 3 (Girls Are Dudes Too) ( 1:02)
05. In Defense Is Our Name Spelled Wrong ( 1:33)
06. Head Of The Thrash ( 2:15)
07. Garbage in Garbage Out ( 2:28)
08. Don't Call Me A Moshist ( 1:48)
09. Total Filler No Killer ( 1:36)
10. The Only Good Thing About Pizza Is The Crust ( 3:25)

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
Listen at In Defence Bandcamp

mp3 V0


IN DEFENCE-Into The Sewer (Learning Curve, CD)
The Minneapolis band who have their name spelled wrong, claims to contrary on “In Defense Is Our Name Spelled Wrong” (maybe they think they’re from the UK), go over the metallic cliff here and welcome the collision I’d imagine. This is some fired up riffa-thrash-a-rama starting with the opening chords of “Lessons In Headbanging.” Crunchy bits of NYHC slip in there, as well. Ben Crew barks out the vocals with conviction as he emotes about such pressing issues as the lameness of pizza (“The Only Good Thing About Pizza Is The Crust”), a dearth of circle pits (“Don’t Call Me A Moshist”) and even throws in an anti-Reagan sentiment or two (“Total Filler No Killer”). Yeah, it’s kind of silly and one wonders how much of it is tongue-in-cheek and how much is serious. I used to wonder the same about Good Clean Fun but In Defence are WAY better than those guys and these songs throttle nicely. (PO Box 18378, Minneapolis, MN 55418,

I've liked IN DEFENCE for a while now, with their no-frills thrascore mixed with some straight edge hardcore, kind of like an American VITAMIN X. They sing about seixsm, the virtues of DIY, government surveillance, how to spell their name (British-style with a "c" for some reason), and of course the superiority of tacos to pizza-I have to say that i'm in middle of that last one. Good shit, play it loud! I'd rather have it on vinyl, though... (XV)(Maximum Rocnroll OCT 09)

Tienen unos cuantos discos mas

Aqui podeis conseguir el ep Twin Cities Crew (2006) y aqui el lp anterior Don't Know How To Breakdance

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Estricalla - Gimnasia Revolucionaria 10"

Genre : Hardcore
Year : 2009
Grabber : J River Media Center v.13.0.145
Encoder : lame 3.97
Quality : VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Songs : 06
Playtime : 13:32 min
Company : Stop Control
Size : 25,3 MB
Streetdate : May-2009
Url :
Type : Album
Source : Vinyl
Language : Spanish
Catalognr : n/a

01.Aviso A Los Vivos Sobre La Muerte Que Los Gobierna Y ... [02:23]
02.La Elegante Y Delirante Caida Libre De 1 Pluma Blanca
Sobre 1 Diminuto Charco De Sangre Roja Y Su Dimension
Estetica ... [02:17]
03.Jode El Maldito Patriarcado Paranoico Blanco [01:50]
04.Zakur Herre Baten Zaunka Ustel Dutak Eta Kozkada Itsuak [01:40]
05.Sumas Restas Senos Y Cosenos En La Tangente De La Vida [01:32]
06.Errealitatea Autobusean Paseo Bat Da (Frikibus) [03:50]
13:32 min

mp3 V0

Zer da Estricalla?

Estricalla no es un grupo. Sí acaso una banda, pero no un nuevo grupo.
Estricalla es un proyecto, una colaboración, una cooperación, una "ekintza", una situación, un suceso, un happening, una reunión, un collage, un puzzle, un foco, un sabotaje,...
Estricalla es un punto de encuentro y un punto de fuga, una barricada, un paso adelante y ni un paso atrás, un salto, un triple salto vital, una vía de escape, un grito, "el grito".
Estricalla es un puñetazo en tu cara, una mandíbula rota, un sprint, una ventana abierta, un sí-lugar y un no-letargo, un poema, un cóctel molotov.
Estricalla es creacción y destrucción, acción-depresión-acción, una revuelta, la chispa, la mecha, los disturbios,...
Estricalla es improvisación, es pasión y no barbarie, estruendo y no silencio, sueños y no recuerdos,....
Estricalla es agitación,es insumisión, desobediencia y rebeldía.
Estricalla es iconoclasta, intolerante, irreverente e irrelevante.
Estricalla es poliédrico y circular, como nuestra cabeza y nuestro corazón, para que así todos nuestros pensamientos y todos nuestros sentimientos puedan cambiar de dirección.
Estricalla es un barco en mitad de la tempestad, una isla en medio de un desierto de aburrimiento, una ola estampandose contra los acantilados de nuestro corazón. "Una mar tranquila no hace buenos marineros". Zarpazo, zartako, zarpamos... ¿ A donde? Ni siquiera nosotros mismos lo sabemos......

Este disco es el primer trabajo de una nueva banda llamada ESTRICALLA, formada por la banda KLOAKAO sin su habitual cantante y Fer de los desaparecidos El Corazon del Sapo (Voz y guitarra)
Es un disco muy contundente que se hace muy corto, que contiene canciones que siguen la linea del ultimo trabajo de KLOAKAO aun mas rapido y potente si cabe
Incluye una version de S.N.F.U. con colaboracion de Eneko (BAP)cantada en Euskera.
El disco tiene una presentacion muy original. Es un 10" en negro con un inserto/libreto MUY original y novedoso. Su precio es de 10€, Y si lo encuentras no dudes en comprarlo. En su Myspace tienes algunos sitios donde se vende, y mas de una distri lo tendra, pero si no tienes tocadiscos, aqui tienes la posibilidad de escucharlo

PD:El titulo de la 2ª cancion es demasiado largo para ponerlo como nombre de archivo. El nombre del archivo son las iniciales. El titulo completo de la cancion esta en la info
"La Elegante Y Delirante Caida Libre De 1 Pluma Blanca Sobre 1 Diminuto Charco De Sangre Roja Y Su Dimension Estetica"

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Fy Fan - Ah Nej
Genre ..........: Hardcore
Storedate ......: 2009-00-00
Label ..........: Adult Crash
Catnum .........: Adult Crash #7
Source .........: Vinyl (7")
Playtime .......: 0h 08min total

Encoder ........: LAME 3.97 (-V2 --vbr-new)
Bitrate ........: 211 kbps avg
Size ...........: 12.33 MB

Title Time
1. Snick Snack 1:09
2. Vem Pallar Bry Sig? 1:07
3. Vastgotaknall 1:14
4. Vi Har Gett Oss Ratten 0:40
5. Nitlott 1:05
6. Kleptokrat Moderat 1:25
7. Bonus Track 1:26
..... 08:06

mp3 V0

Release Notes
2nd 7" from Swedish hardcore band Fy Fan.
Somewhere between early drunken swedish käng and classic catchy hardcore

If you like it, buy it.


Looking for some more info on the Capitalist Casualties tour, i've found that one of my favourite bands (Government Warning)it's gonna come to Europe, so again, i can't resist to put the dates, so some more people know it.

Right now i'm gonna put only the dates, but i'll be editing the post from time to time with more info and maybe some records

Di. 19.05.2009 Mainz - Haus Mainusch
Mi. 20.05.2009 Mülheim - Az (w/ chuck damage, vogue, and toxic revolution)
Do. 21.05.2009 Munich - Get Rowdy Festival (w/ high society, driving the salt, rush ..n attack, and masshysteri)
Fr. 22.05.2009 Milano - Leoncavallo
Sa. 23.05.2009 Bologna - Atlantide
So. 24.05.2009 Barcelona - Sala Rock Sound (w/ insomnio)
Mo. 25.05.2009 Saint Etienne - L'Assomoir
Di. 26.05.2009 Freiburg - Kts
Mi. 27.05.2009 Paris - La Mécanique Ondulatoire
Do. 28.05.2009 Kortrijk - The Pits (w/ citizens patrol)
Fr. 29.05.2009 Amsterdam - Occii (w/ citizens patrol and sick mormons)
Sa. 30.05.2009 Brighton - Westhill (w/ violent arrest and the shitty limits)
So. 31.05.2009 Mannheim - Juz Festival (w/ vogue, sick mormons, sniffing glue, just went black, gewapned beton, brainworms, and antlers)
Mo. 01.06.2009 Leipzig - Zoro (w/ inepsy and ramming speed)
Di. 02.06.2009 Berlin - Koma F (w/ ramming speed)
Mi. 03.06.2009 Hamburg - Onkel Otto (EARLY SHOW w/ criminal damage)
Mi. 03.06.2008 Hamburg - Rote Flora (REGULAR SHOW w/ idle hands and the inside job)
Do. 04.06.2008 Malmö - Utkanten
Fr. 05.06.2008 Copenhagen - Dödsmaskinen (w/ hjertestop and night fever)
Sa. 06.06.2008 Bielefeld - Ajz (w/ dean dirg, brat pack, mindfucked)
So. 07.06.2008 Nuremberg - Kunstverein (w/ civil victim)

Both bands will have new records soon, probably for the tour. New lp and 7" for Government Warning, and new lp and a reedition of their 2 eps for Wasted Time

And now the first ep's of both bands. I suppose that many of you already have 'em, and if not i encourage you to buy 'em, but in case you want to listen 'em before, here they're


Government Warning - No Way Out

Date : Jul-16-2005
Ripper : COR CREW
Genre : Hardcore
Label : No Way Records
Source : Vinyl
Size : 16,3 MB
Bitrate: VBRKbps/44,1Khz
Mode : Joint-Stereo

01 Railroaded 01:23
02 Blank 01:05
03 Government Warning 02:07
04 Walking Dead 02:15
05 Ghost Town 01:13
06 Self Destruct 02:15

Total Playing Time : 10:18 min 

mp3 VO

The newest release from the center of everywhere, the middle of nowhere. Raging hardcore punk from memembers of Direct Control that is self described as the Adolescents meets Koro. We're not gonna argue with that. This platter shrrreds.


Artist: Wasted Time
Album: Wasted Time EP
Genre : Hardcore
Year : 2005
Grabber : J River Media Center v.13.0.145
Encoder : lame 3.97
Quality : VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Songs : 08
Playtime : 10:12 min
Company : Grave Mistake Records
Size : 20,3 MB
Streetdate : 00-000-2005
Type : EP
Language : English
Catalognr : GM13

01.Shameless [02:10]
02.I'm surrounded by winners [00:58]
03.Wolf in sheers clothing [01:17]
04.We're done for [01:09]
05.Can't go back [01:00]
06.Stranger [01:13]
07.Kill the hype [00:59]
08.No man's tool [01:26]
10:12 min 

Listen at Grave Mistake Bandcamp

mp3 VO

Debut EP from Virginia Beach's own WASTED TIME. Eight blistering tracks of fast and furious early 80's influenced hardcore, quite reminiscent of early POISON IDEA with a hint of Boston hardcore influence ala NEGATIVE FX / SSD. Recorded in the same session as their four song demo, if you were able to get a hold of that this summer, then you know exactly what to expect ... nonstop fast and ugly hardcore mayhem.

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Today, i've just read the post in Am I Mean about Shortlived, and i want to help him in this other way. I've just downloaded their record one week ago and i really liked, and was thinking about post it, but as i hadn't any info i was delaying it. I think that their euro-tour is a good reason to upload it, so here it is. Of course, if anyone can provide with more info about them and the record (cover, reviews, how to get it, etc) would be great.

the final dates for SHORTLIVED's Europetour:

07/06 : Grenoble, France
11/06 : Beltinci, Slovenia
12/06 : Rijeka, Croatia
13/06 : Hungary
14/06 : Vienna, Austria
15/06 : Prague, Czech
16/06 : Slavonice, Czech
17/06 : Ostrava, Czech
18/06 : Chemnitz, Germany
19/06 : Bremen, Germany
20/06 : Day off @ Trashfest
21/06 : TRASHFEST, Steenwijk Holland
22/06 : Amsterdam, Holland
23/06 : Liège, Belgium
24/06 : Kortrijk, Belgium
25/06 : Saint-Etienne, France
26/06 : Lyon, France
27/06 : Dijon, France

Shortlived - Self Titled

Genre ..........: Hardcore
Storedate ......: 2009-00-00
Label ..........: Self Released
Source .........: Vinyl (LP)
Playtime .......: 0h 13min total

Encoder ........: LAME 3.97 (-V2 --vbr-new)
Bitrate ........: 233 kbps avg
Size ...........: 22.71 MB


Title Time
1. Sick Of Excuses 1:43
2. Pyrotechnic 0:36
3. The Way 1:00
4. Tightrope Parliament 0:36
5. Safe And Secure 1:01
6. Questioning Motives 0:41
7. Thrill Power Overload 1:27
8. I Don't Pray, I Think 1:03
9. Comedian 0:45
10. Meatman 0:41
11. Fundamentalist 1:02
12. Fat Vegan 0:14
13. I, Terrorist 1:59
14. All Talk 0:35


mp3 VO

Release Notes

Australian hardcore madness

If you like it, buy it

The only info i've got it's that they're from Wellington, New Zealand, they're around unless from 2007, and they've played with Severed Head Of State and Pisschrist, therefore of some more unkown bands (to me) and this is the flyer of their release tour.

I've found some more info on them. They even have a webpage

there you'll find some bio, and more info; even a link to download their demo that will take you to a great blog

It would be great if people supported us by coming to shows and buying our records. Having limited New Zealand punk vinyl and having a ripped copy are two entirely different things though and i have no problem if people want to listen to our music. If they like it then I suppose that might make them more inclined to come to shows...?

This is a quote of some of the members of the band (i think) in a forum, in a post where someone asked for a link

I wish i could buy that record, and yes, if you played near my village i'll go to see you and buy some record but the nearest one is Lyon, and is almost 900 Km from my home.

And thanks for being cool about the blog and about posting your record.

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Capitalist Casualties - Euro Tour 2009 (21/4-13/5)

Capitalist Casualties de gira por Europa.
Si no me equivoco, es la primera vez que tocan en Europa. Los que conozcan el grupo, seguro que no se los querran perder, y si no los conoces, pero estas leyendo este blog, deberias ir a verlos tambien. De verdad, si tienes la oportunidad, no te los pierdas

La gira la hacen con Wojczech, grupo de Rostock (Alemania)

Me gustaria poner todos los flyers posibles, asi que si encontrais o teneis mas informacion sobre la gira, (flyers, sitios donde tocan, grupos con los que tocan, etc, etc, etc.) estaria bien que lo pusiesies en los comentarios y yo ire editando el post segun vaya añadiendo mas cosas

Capitalist Casualties on tour in Europe

if i'm not wrong it's the first time that they play in Europe. So, if you know them, i'm sure you don't want to miss this oprtunity, and if you don't know them, but are reading this blog, you should go to see them too

They make the tour (most of it), with Wojczech, Rostock's band

I'd like to put all possible flyers, so if you find, or know more info about this tour (flyers, places where they play, bands, etc, etc, etc.), please make some comment and i'll keep editing the post with the added info

21 abr 2009 Jaz Rostock
Capitalist Casualties y Wojczech

22 abr 2009 Archiv Potsdam
Capitalist Casualties, Cold War, The Horror y Wojczech

23 abr 2009 OCCI Amsterdam
Capitalist Casualties, Wojczech, AxSxHx y A Den Of Robbers
24 abr 2009 Frontline Gent
Capitalist Casualties, F.U.B.A.R., Shredder, Wojczech y Rant

25 abr 2009 club heretic Bordeaux
Capitalist Casualties, Wojczech

26 abr 2009 Mogambo Donostia
Capitalist Casualties, RAS y Wojczech

27 abr 2009 Sala Lullaby Madrid
Capitalist Casualties, Wojczech y Looking for an Answer

28 abr 2009 estraperlo Barcelona
Capitalist Casualties, Wojczech y Crustellam

29 abr 2009 Tanneries Dijon
Capitalist Casualties, Wojczech
30 abr 2009 kts Freiburg
Capitalist Casualties, Wojczech, COME CLOSER y life ends

1 may 2009 M-Klub vysoke myto
Capitalist Casualties, Lycanthrophy, Needful Things, Wojczech, Stolen Lives y Radiolokátor

2 may 2009 yacht club brno
Capitalist Casualties, Gride, See You In Hell, Wojczech, Evidence Smrti, SCARTO y Prügelknabe

3 may 2009 TBA ziar nad hronom
Capitalist Casualties, Wojczech, The Public y Idiots Parade

4 may 2009 Imbir Krakov
Capitalist Casualties, Wojczech, Selfhate y Suffering Mind

5 may 2009 zoro Liepzig
Capitalist Casualties, Brutal Knights, Wojczech y The Bristles

6 may 2009 hafenklang Hamburg
Capitalist Casualties, Wojczech, Yacopsae, Irate Architect

7 may 2009 The Grosvenor London
Capitalist Casualties, Hello Bastards, Armed Response Unit

8 may 2009 Chamaleon Nottingham
Capitalist Casualties, Moloch y SICK - FUCKIN - O

9 may 2009 1 in 12 club Bradford
10 may 2009 TBA Roma
11 may 2009 ATLANTIDE Bologna
12 may 2009 dauntan Milano
Capitalist Casualties, Inepsy, Beach Patrol y Death Before Work
13 may 2009 koma f Berlin hay una lista bastante completa de la gira

And some records for the ones that haven't listened them yet


VA-Capitalist Casualties/Hellnation - Split

Genre ..........: Hardcore
Storedate ......: 2008-00-00
Label ..........: Sound Pollution/Six Weeks Records
Catnum .........: SW-114/Polute101
Source .........: CD
Playtime .......: 0h 16min total
Encoder ........: LAME 3.97 (-V2 --vbr-new)
Bitrate ........: 233 kbps avg
Size ...........: 27.79 MB

01 (1:29) Capitalist Casualties - Drainage Ditch
02 (0:53) Capitalist Casualties - Suicide Mission
03 (0:58) Capitalist Casualties - Irukandji
04 (0:47) Capitalist Casualties - Selfish Parochialism
05 (0:37) Capitalist Casualties - Golden Handshake
06 (0:24) Capitalist Casualties - Deferment
07 (0:39) Capitalist Casualties - Striations
08 (1:22) Capitalist Casualties - Corporate Retreat
09 (0:34) Capitalist Casualties - Trenchant Analysis
10 (0:31) Hellnation - War Report
11 (0:29) Hellnation - Stabbed To Death
12 (0:41) Hellnation - Bought & Sold
13 (0:48) Hellnation - No Life Left
14 (0:40) Hellnation - Terms Of Surrender
15 (0:48) Hellnation - In Ruins
16 (0:44) Hellnation - Initiation Rites
17 (0:53) Hellnation - Cop Rock
18 (0:26) Hellnation - Mission Accomplished
19 (1:21) Hellnation - Heroic Denial
20 (0:48) Hellnation - Turn For The Worse
21 (0:31) Hellnation - Can't Start Over

Playing Time : 16:23

mp3 VO

Release Notes
"11 years in the making, a monument to all out melt down
thrash!!!! 9 political hardcore blasts from C.C (first
recording in 9 years) on the Iraq war, environmental
destruction and a fish!!! 12 brand new carpet bombing
detonations from Kentucky bastards HN: annihilating, catchy and
relentlessly pissed off!"


Artist ■ Capitalist Casualties
Album ■ Subdivisions In Ruin
Year ■ 1999
Release Date ■ 2008-08-26
Genre ■ Hardcore
Label ■ Six Weeks
Source ■ CD
Type ■ Album
Encoder ■ LAME 3.97
Quality ■ VBR, 44.1kHz, Joint Stereo

1. Antiquated Decorium 0:55
2. Litigation 0:49
3. Peccancy 0:31
4. Safety Standards 0:36
5. A Borrowed Latter 0:22
6. Government Clean-Up Plan 1:15
7. Polar Desert - Knife Hit 1:22
8. Missing Spokes 0:36
9. Millenium Bug 0:26
10. Wreckage Renown 0:11
11. Friends Go Down 1:06
12. Holocaust Money 0:59
13. Gig Violence 0:39
14. Extermination Through Labor 1:03
15. Addiction To Petroleum 0:27
16. Border Murders 1:04
17. Public Mistrust 1:15
18. Modern Schools 0:35
19. Criminal Element 0:33
20. Storms Somewhere - Spare Parts 2:21
Total Time: 17:05

mp3 VO

Here there's a cool page with the list of an "almost" complete discography. I've uploadd the records i have in the PC, and i could rip several more records. Maybe i'll do the 2 compilations, but i think that it is not too hard to get that records in the web. If someone is especially interested in some record, ask for it and i'll do what i can

martes, 3 de marzo de 2009


Despues de tanto tiempo sin postear nada, aqui estoy de nuevo con el tercer disco de estos "abuelos". Me atreveria a decir que es incluso mejor que el primero. "Old, Fast, Loud!". Lo dicen ellos y yo no voy a llevarles la contraria.

Este es el primer disco que ripeo directamente de vinilo al ordenador. Espero haberlo hecho bien, pero si alguien tiene consejos que dar sobre como hacerlo mejor seran bienvenidos.


After so many time without post anything, here i'm again whit the 3rd lp by this "grandfathers". I'll even dare to say that it's even better than the first one. "Old, Fast, Loud!". They say it and i'm not gonna to say the opposite

This is the first vinyl i rip directly to the PC. I hope to have done it well, but anyone with good advices on how to do it better will be very welcomed

Artist : Geriatric Unit
Album : Distance And Damage LP
Source : CD
Year : 2008
Genre : Hardcore
Label : Boss Tuneage Records
ID : BTRC12-027

Encoder : J River Media Center 12.0.514
Codec : lame 3.97 -V 0 --vbr-new
Quality : VBR, average 274kbps, joint stereo

ID3-Tag : Yes, Version 1 & 2.3

Included : Info-File (NFO)
Check File (SFV)
Playlist (M3U)

01 (0:39) Hell Is Just Too Good For You
02 (1:25) The Reason Why Life Is Shit
03 (1:08) Peace Of Mind
04 (1:40) Inclusion Exclusion
05 (1:02) At Least Not Today
06 (1:01) Too Many Chances
07 (0:35) Nervous Wreck
08 (1:27) Distance And Damage
09 (1:18) Don't Want To Be Young Again
10 (0:48) Secret Imposter
11 (1:28) Second-Hand Ideas
12 (1:18) Caved In Mess

Playing Time : 13:49
Total Size : 27,4 MB

mp3 VO



The follow up to last years 'Life Half Over', their third release and second one with Bosstuneage. Easily their best so far and these 12 tracks prove it and showing that even the old boys get better with age. Totally fast, un adultered and uncompromising hardcore, that is straight to the point with no apologies given. Just think of the best bands you can think of in hardcore; NEGATIVE APPROACH, POISON IDEA, NECROS etc and you'll get the idea. I love the vocals, in that they are just an adrenalin rush of pent up fury, thundering guitar riffage, bass licks and drumming all which are top notch. The recording/production on this is fantastic as you can hear everything clearly and that is crucial in this day and age, plus having a good sound only adds to this already explosive force. The lyrics complement the music, in your face, angry and definitely no let up. It's old, it's fast and it's definitely loud. Absolutely fantastic, if you aren't slightly interested in getting this - then fuck off to the old people's home. (

Geriatric Unit - Distance And Damage

I’ll keep this short and to the point, because that’s exactly how Geriatric Unit keep their tunes. In fact, that’s how they keep the entirety of Distance and Damage - which may include an album-esque quota of twelve tunes, but manages to rattle through them all in well under quarter of an hour.

“Old-Fast-Loud!” reads the strapline on the rear sleeve of my review copy, and that just about sums it up. Geriatric Unit are a veteran supergroup of UK hardcore punk musicians - and when I say hardcore punk, I don’t mean the skinny-trousered haircut warriors who’ve reappropriated the term of late. Written and performed by former members of bands like Iron Monkey, Heresy and Hard to Swallow, Distance And Damage makes no concessions to fashion. And - unless you’re an aficionado of the sound already - it doesn’t make any concessions to accessibility either.

Indeed, Distance And Damage is the sound of older musicians who’ve come to accept their age (hence the band name, and songs like “Don’t Want To Be Young Again”) but who don’t see that as any reason to go back on the principles that hardcore was originally built upon. Geriatric Unit have all the channelled fury of a younger act, but tempered with the wisdom of experience.

For listeners not accustomed to the old hardcore style, it might be interesting to see Distance And Damage as capturing the sound that provides the link between punk and thrash metal: the frantic pace, driven by eighth-note snares; the simple direct lyrics, shrieked or bellowed or howled. Thrash took this template and added showy virtuosity and progressive arrangements, but Geriatric Unit are quite content with four chords, one chorus and a handful of verses per song, all hammered out at a BPM that would make a gabba DJ wince.

In short, Distance And Damage is not fun, friendly or fashionable… and I’m confident Geriatric Unit themselves would agree with me on all three counts, because they’ve quite deliberately made it that way. As such, the white-belts-and-box-fresh-hats brigade won’t be interested, but the hardcore of hardcore - the older guys who never let their ideals die - will hear this and itch for the push and shove of the pit. Stand well clear, or risk more than bruises. (