martes, 17 de junio de 2008


ARTIST: Nightstick_Justice
TITLE: Mindless Violence
LABEL: Even Worse
GENRE: Hardcore
BITRATE: 248 kbps avg
RELEASE DATE: 2007-00-00
RIP DATE: 2008-06-14
ENCODER: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new

Track List

1. just another rape 1:15
2. mindless violence 1:46
3. small town drama 1:00
4. no trust 1:59
5. domestic dispute 1:15
6. paranoid 1:22

mp3 VO

Release Notes:

Can you spell HARDCORE ?
Then you have just given the best description to this 7 ep. Six songs on this
piece of vinyl that pass by like a whirlwind. Hardcore played like it should be:
pissed off and raw. Angry lyrics that fit the music very well. Hailing from Half
Moon Bay California, these youngsters deliver Hardcore like it was in the 80 s: Metal free, no bullshit attitude and very much in your face. This ep takes off
where their first ep finished

Hell Yeah ! About time this mother sees the light of day from bay area's NxJ. The 6 remainder songs from the demo 7"session finally eternalised on vinyl. Whats there to expect? , 6 more classic pummeling anger overboiled hc anthems. Future classics as "smalltown drama", mindless violence", and "paranoid" to name a few, are assured to create sheer mayhem wherever played!! (Even Worse Records)

The 2nd half of the NJ demo from 2006 put to wax, it was 1 half on the ST 7" last year and this is the 2nd half of course. Pretty much what you'd expect just HARDCORE nothing techinical or way out there, just straight forward and ultra pissed. The dudes take cues from early Boston hardcore, later 80's hardcore from the East Coast and Japan and their own influeces and tastes. Simply put one of the best in hardcore, enough said. Was the word hardcore used enough or what? Of course this is most of the members of Second Opinion and they're coming out with more material so keep your ears open to that. (Cowabunga Records)

At first listen, Nightstick Justice has a sound combining inventive, change-of-pace hardcore that recalls Minor Threat (second ep), and mixes it up with a Jerry's Kids-type intensity. They hail from Half Moon Bay, CA, but the six tracks here are definitely world class, with production that's thick and tinged with feedback; the lyrics cover topics of personal protest (violence against women in shows, with the added pressure of cops), and always seem genuine. Strongly recommended. (SS) (Maximum Rocknroll)