martes, 18 de diciembre de 2007


ARTiST....: Total Abuse
TiTLE.....: Demo 06' 7 Inch
LABEL.....: Even Worse Records
GENRE.....: Hardcore
SOURCE....: Vinyl
ENCODER...: LAME 3.97 -V2 --Vbr-New
BiTRATE...: VBRkbps
RiP DATE..: 05-Nov-2007

##. Track Title Time

01. Total Abuse 01:12
02. Breathing Down My Neck 01:04
03. Enraged/ Pissed 00:20
04. I Cant Live Like This 00:35
05. Writing On The Wall 00:54
06. M.D.J. 00:50
07. I Give Up 00:32
08. Aint Got No One 00:50
Total Time 06:17

mp3 VO - TAD067IV27U.rar

young texans rippin' it up,on this 8 song shredder! FIX,DEEP WOUND,STRAIGHT AHEAD influenced hc,along with all out thrash,that sounds like it could come right of the "end the warzone" compilation. nothing fancy here,just good ole' HC.
T.A. already have the amazing SEX PIG 7" out on deranged records this came out as a tape in 2006 (Even Worse Records)

I got a handful of these suckers, haha before my restock of the 1st record no less! But anyways this is the demo from last year put to wax,, who couldn’t figure that out? But for those who did/do not know that was one of the best demos from last year too, Boston of old meets Michigan of old like State meets old SSD with a nasty edge with even a little of the Texas sound too, GREAT stuff from this ex Snobs band. Limited to 500 I think like most of Even Worse’s demos put to wax, so if you want one jump on it quickly,,, 8 amazing hardcore songs. (Cowabunga Records)

Nice vinyl version of their awesome demo from 06' (hence the name, duh.) Fast, raw, thrashy hardcore in the vein of Deep Wound, FIX, STATE and shit like that. The classic style, fast, harsh, in your face. 8 songs here, and all of em rip. There's only 500 of these things floatin around and it will be sold out quickly. (No Way Records)

Shifting to hardcore we have the second 7" from Austin Texas' Total Abuse, which is particularly devastating attack of vintage hxc thrash laid down rough and heavy. The group's 06 demos are what's here and the band sound in fine form, certainly focused and tight with great buildups and vicious vocals. Total Abuse play with a relentless but catchy energy that is destructive and fulfilling. While certain sections become a bit blasty there is certainly songs and riffs at the center here. Fans of Siege should certainly take note. Released on the Even Worse label, these demos show the start of what hopes to be a long run for these guys as the world can always use more nasty, vehement punk bands. Made up of former members of the Snobs, Total Abuse have been generating some praise from punx and this release makes such affirmations entirely credible. This 7" is a great X-mas gift for the drunk crusty that asks you for change every day. (Fader Magazine)


Artist: Born/Dead
Album: The Final Collapse
Label: Prank Records
Playtime: 22:16 min
Genre: Hardcore
URL: /
Rip date: 2007-12-16
Street date: 2007-12-00
Size: 39.87 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 238 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

Track List

01. Barricades ( 2:16)
02. Years Of Death ( 3:00)
03. Nuance/The Final Collapse ( 3:13)
04. Bomb Factory ( 2:33)
05. Anamnesis/Sirens ( 6:16)
06. Eulogy ( 4:58)

mp3 VO - BDTFCL27F.rar

Release Notes

Heres the brand new LP from Oaklands Born/Dead. These are definitely some of their best pig-killing anthems yet. Crust as fuck. Pick it up for the disturbing inner gatefold cover of an Ethiopian child standing amongst his slaughtered family. Its all part of the sick idea of population control. Lets be the generation that puts an end to it. A few tracks led into each other so I left them together.

BORN/DEAD-The Final Collapse (Prank, LP)
Kudos up front for the superb packaging, with a gatefold sleeve and booklet that offer a visual depiction of the grim subject matter this Bay Area band lyrically explore. Born/Dead continue to connect with their crust meets US hardcore sound. It’s not just noise—there’s a haunting hint of melody to start and end “Years Of Death”and it frames the blistering rampage of “Nuance.” Another powerful effort (Suburban Voice)

jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2007


Socialcide - Burn In Hell, Bundy 7 Inch

ARTiST....: Socialcide
TiTLE.....: Burn In Hell, Bundy 7 Inch
LABEL.....: Even Worse/ Kangaroo Records
GENRE.....: Hardcore
SOURCE....: Vinyl
ENCODER...: LAME 3.97 -V2 --Vbr-New
BiTRATE...: VBRkbps
RiP DATE..: 08-Nov-2007

##. Track Title Time

01. Socialcide 01:53
02. Oldhead Fuckhead 00:41
03. Kill A Junkie 01:23
04. Thoughts of My Future 01:10
05. Burn In Hell, Bundy 01:05
06. Suicide 01:08
07. Follow The Herd 01:27
08. We Arent Impressed 00:38
Total Time 09:25

mp3 VO - SBIHB7IV27U.rar

Virginia's SOCIALCIDE return, with their first "official" 7" EP, after their ltd "sick of the pressure" demo 7", and waddayaknow?!, Socialcide deliver 8 songs of raw energetic, pit slammers. Going for a slightly more of an old NY or even Boston sound with classic hc themes, like youthfull desperation, personal frustration, to all out pissed off!, the vocals stand out as well, keeping it highly original, along with great 82' style guitar ridden riffs, and all out great musicianship.definetely fits well,with all the other great bands VA,is flooding us with right now, Direct Control, Government Warning, Wasted Time, Bad Advice, etc..the list goes on. Get it!! (Even Worse Records)

The debut 7’’ from VA’s Socialcide. The demo was amazing and so is this ep. It’s def more raw than the demo was, which was more well recorded but the differences are also that the demo was like Boston meets old 7 seconds where this one sounds even more obscure and channels old New York with old Boston, like Wolfpack (not the sketchy version, but the upstate NY one who they cover here), old DYS, and the Mob. A great EP. (Cowabunga Records)

SOCIALCIDE-Burn In Hell, Bundy (Kangaroo/Even Worse, 7” EP)Slam-bang hardcore, following a rip-snortin’ demo that Even Worse pressed on vinyl. One interesting thing is the new recording sounds rougher than the demo. In any case, Socialcide’s calling card is raw, old-school hardcore, established ca. 1982, although their cover of Wolfpack NYC’s “Suicide” dates from the later part of the decade. In fact, there’s an early Revelation Records feeling, as well, with the fuzzed-out guitar and breakdown style. And those bands were trying to bring back an older feel, as well. These guys do justice to those influences. (Suburban Voice)

I am always stoked when a band like this comes out. SOCIALCIDE plays fast hardcore in the key of early '8os dirty sounding guitars and hollow production. In other words, they got it right. The band is out of Virginia, but not Richmond! They make that very clear in the song "Follow the herd", wich sounds like it is about someone who moved from their beloved suburb to Richmond ("Trench City"). A part of the new wave of bands coming out on No Way Records and grave mistake, and although they are not on either of those labels, you should seriously check this out if you're into that stuff.(PL) (Maximum Rocknroll)


VA - No Bullshit Vol.3
Source : Vinyl
Label : No Way
Year : 2007
Genre : Hardcore
Rip Date: Nov-07-2007
Size : 10,0 MB
Bitrate : VBRKbps
Encoder : Lame 3.97 Final

01 Life Trap - Control Freak 01:18
02 Socialcide - Zoned Out 00:45
03 Double Negative - Ah! Diction 01:14
04 Out Cold - Menticide 00:51
05 Acid Reflux - A.B.A.B. 01:01
06 Chronic Seizure - Can't Live 01:45

Total Playing Time : 06:54 min

mp3 VO - VANBV3V27C.rar

Behold, the 3rd volume of almighty NO BULLSHIT compilations. Here we have exclusive tracks from LIFE TRAP, SOCIALCIDE, DOUBLE NEGATIVE, OUT COLD, ACID REFLUX, and CHRONIC SEIZURE! As the title says, NO BULLSHIT! These tracks are the perfect example of our favorite formula of HARDCORE PUNK! Short, fast, and to the point.