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In Defence Euro Tour 2009

La gira de este grupo me parece un buen motivo para retomar el blog.

28 sep 2009 20:00 LA CANTINE Paris
29 sep 2009 20:00 Little Devil Tilburg
30 sep 2009 20:00 OCCII w/ Birds of a Feather in Amsterdam Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
1 oct 2009 20:00 Crash Landing Records zwolle
2 oct 2009 20:00 Sonic Ballroom Cologne
3 oct 2009 20:00 VILLA ROSENAU Basel
4 oct 2009 20:00 NEED HELP biel
5 oct 2009 20:00 Soap Box Club Laxou
6 oct 2009 20:00 L’Assommoir Pub saint ettaine
7 oct 2009 20:00 Metal Cafe Lyon

8 oct 2009 20:00 Kixkil Ostatua bayonne
9 oct 2009 20:00 Putzuzulo Amets Fabrika zarautz
10 oct 2009 20:00 Gazte Lokala BILBOA
11 oct 2009 20:00 Bola 8 GIJON
12 oct 2009 20:00 CASA DAS ATOCHAS coruna
13 oct 2009 20:00 PIN UP PORTO
15 oct 2009 20:00 Incivic Zone Barcelona

16 oct 2009 20:00 Juze Bolzano/Ritten
17 oct 2009 20:00 Wohnprojekt hagelstrabe(basement) tubingen
18 oct 2009 20:00 Haus Mainusch Mainz

No los he visto todavia, pero estoy convencido de que merecera la pena verles en algun concierto.

Esto es la info promocional del sello, asi que hay que tomarselo con cierta perspectiva pero puede servir de idea



School is now in session; you think you know how to thrash? You are still in preschool my friend. Get ready for some lessons in head banging. The rules are as follows. Don’t be a dick, you must break a sweat, help your fellow dancers and most importantly DO IT IN A CIRCLE. In Defence are not afraid to mix it up, recalling the styling’s of 80’s NYC hardcore, In Defence bring it. There is no tomorrow. Tonight is going to be all out war. These taco punks are here to tear the place down. Catchy thrash is what you’ve got, throw in a break down and keep dancing. Mile a minuet drums, racecar guitar riffs and a vocal presence that will bring you away from the keg in the back corner of the basement. This isn’t your older co- workers hard core, this is still relevant, no car commercials here, just kick you in the teeth hard-core thrash. In Defence is the band you want to listen to, the band you have to see. They are infectious. You are unsure what is going to happen, food fight? Perhaps the biggest pit ever? More stage diving then you can imagine? Actually, does it matter because this is the time of your life. Taco punks unite; pizza has nothing on a taco.


- Release Info -------------------------------------------------------------- -

Artist: In Defence
Album: Into The Sewer
Label: Learning Curve
Playtime: 19:27 min
Genre: Hardcore
Rip date: 2009-09-28
Street date: 2009-09-01
Size: 30.78 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 208 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- -

New full-length from Twin Cities taco punks In Defence, taking their cues
from old school thrash and hardcore.

- Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

01. Lessons In Headbanging ( 2:14)
02. Into The Sewer ( 1:51)
03. Straight-Edge Hangover ( 1:15)
04. Call More Dudes Part 3 (Girls Are Dudes Too) ( 1:02)
05. In Defense Is Our Name Spelled Wrong ( 1:33)
06. Head Of The Thrash ( 2:15)
07. Garbage in Garbage Out ( 2:28)
08. Don't Call Me A Moshist ( 1:48)
09. Total Filler No Killer ( 1:36)
10. The Only Good Thing About Pizza Is The Crust ( 3:25)

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
Listen at In Defence Bandcamp

mp3 V0


IN DEFENCE-Into The Sewer (Learning Curve, CD)
The Minneapolis band who have their name spelled wrong, claims to contrary on “In Defense Is Our Name Spelled Wrong” (maybe they think they’re from the UK), go over the metallic cliff here and welcome the collision I’d imagine. This is some fired up riffa-thrash-a-rama starting with the opening chords of “Lessons In Headbanging.” Crunchy bits of NYHC slip in there, as well. Ben Crew barks out the vocals with conviction as he emotes about such pressing issues as the lameness of pizza (“The Only Good Thing About Pizza Is The Crust”), a dearth of circle pits (“Don’t Call Me A Moshist”) and even throws in an anti-Reagan sentiment or two (“Total Filler No Killer”). Yeah, it’s kind of silly and one wonders how much of it is tongue-in-cheek and how much is serious. I used to wonder the same about Good Clean Fun but In Defence are WAY better than those guys and these songs throttle nicely. (PO Box 18378, Minneapolis, MN 55418,

I've liked IN DEFENCE for a while now, with their no-frills thrascore mixed with some straight edge hardcore, kind of like an American VITAMIN X. They sing about seixsm, the virtues of DIY, government surveillance, how to spell their name (British-style with a "c" for some reason), and of course the superiority of tacos to pizza-I have to say that i'm in middle of that last one. Good shit, play it loud! I'd rather have it on vinyl, though... (XV)(Maximum Rocnroll OCT 09)

Tienen unos cuantos discos mas

Aqui podeis conseguir el ep Twin Cities Crew (2006) y aqui el lp anterior Don't Know How To Breakdance

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